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All drivers have a responsibility to drive safely and pay attention to the road. Unfortunately, in the digital age, it is easy for drivers to lose their focus behind the wheel. If you have been in an accident involving a distracted driver, contact our distracted driving attorneys in Glendale to find out how we can help you with the recovery process. We know how to hold distracted drivers accountable on behalf of injured crash victims. Call (623) 225-5635 or send us a message for a free consultation today.

Do You Need to Hire an Arizona Distracted Driving Lawyer?

Automobile insurance companies know how to protect their bottom lines. When they receive a claim from an accident victim, even if there is sufficient evidence that the policyholder is at fault, insurance companies may try to save money by offering low settlements or even rejecting valid claims. You may need a distracted driving attorney’s legal representation during the claims process to negotiate for a fair and full amount for your losses.

A distracted driving lawyer can use professional resources and years of insurance expertise to maximize the outcome of your distracted driving accident claim. Even more important than improving your claim payout, however, is the peace of mind that working with an personal injury attorney in Phoenix can bring, allowing you to concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

Distracted Driving Statistics

Driver distraction is one of the top causes of motor vehicle accidents in Glendale and throughout the country. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were an estimated 3,142 lives lost in distracted driving accidents in 2019 alone. This was nine percent of all fatal accidents that year. In the seven years between 2012 and 2019, more than 26,000 lives were lost because of distracted drivers.

Data from the Arizona Department of Transportation shows that about 26 percent of all car accidents in the state in 2020 were caused by distracted drivers. Statistically, activity with an electronic device, including talking and texting, was the most common type of driver distraction. Other common driver distractions are passengers, food and drinks, maps and GPS, personal grooming, and distractions outside of the cab.

Is Arizona a Fault or No-Fault State?

Arizona is a fault state. This refers to the car insurance law that requires the at-fault driver or party to pay for the costs of an accident. In Arizona, all drivers must carry minimum amounts of liability insurance. This insurance will pay for victims’ medical bills and property repairs after a crash caused by the policyholder.

Although a fault-based insurance system can result in greater financial compensation paid to injured victims, fault must be proven before an insurance company will issue a payout. In a no-fault state, on the other hand, a victim can recover through his or her own insurance company without having to establish fault.

Proving that another driver was distracted may take assistance from a distracted driving lawyer. Evidence of driver distraction can come in the form of pictures of the inside of the other driver’s cab at the scene, eyewitness statements, accident reconstruction and the driver’s cell phone records. If your attorney can successfully prove the other driver was distracted and this caused your crash, you could receive financial compensation for several different losses from that driver’s insurance provider.

What Damages Are Available in a Distracted Driving Accident Claim?

A successful car accident case in Arizona can lead to a payout for both economic and noneconomic losses. Economic losses may include property damage repairs, lost wages, medical expenses, and rental car costs. Noneconomic damages can refer to physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, and mental anguish. Working with an experienced Glendale car accident lawyer can help you get an accurate evaluation of your case’s value before negotiating with an insurance company.

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If you’ve been injured in a distracted driving accident in Glendale, Arizona, seek assistance from the experienced distracted driving lawyers at Sargon Law Group. We understand how these cases work and how to maximize case outcomes for our clients. Our Glendale personal injury lawyers will work closely with you through every phase of your case to make sure that you have everything you need. Start with a free initial consultation at our local law office. Call (623) 225-5635 or send us a message through our website to request yours.