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Bus accidents can leave injury and property damage victims with limited options when it comes to recovering compensation. At least, that’s what insurance carriers and the adult party may want you to think. At Sargon Law Group, we have years of experience handling complex injury claims throughout Arizona, and we know how to hold bus companies and drivers responsible for their actions. Let us help when you need a Phoenix injury attorney by your side.

Phoenix Bus Accident Attorney

Why Choose Sargon Law Group?

  • At Sargon Law Group, we take pride in helping Arizona injury victims and their families, and we have a significant track record of success handling tough claims.
  • We understand the complexities involved with bus accident claims, and we have built up a significant network of trusted professionals to turn to.
  • We always keep clients informed about the process of their case. You will always be able to get a hold of your attorney if you have questions or concerns moving forward.

Who Could Be Held Liable for a Phoenix Bus Accident?

Several parties may be held liable for a bus accident in Phoenix, depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Some potential responsible parties include:

  • Bus driver. If the bus driver was negligent, such as driving while distracted, fatigued, or under the influence, they can be held liable for the accident.
  • Bus company. Bus companies have a duty to ensure drivers are well-trained and that buses are maintained. If they fail to conduct proper inspections or hire qualified drivers, they can be held responsible.
  • Bus or part manufacturer. When a defect in the bus or a specific part, such as brakes or steering, leads to an accident, the manufacturer can be liable for the damages.
  • Regulatory agencies. If a state or local agency neglects its oversight responsibilities, resulting in unsafe conditions, it could bear partial liability.
  • Other drivers. If another vehicle’s driver was negligent or reckless, leading to the bus accident, they could also be held liable.

Compensation for a Bus Accident Claim

At Sargon Law Group, we work diligently to help clients recover the compensation they need to be “whole” after the incident occurs. We know this includes helping victims receive economic and non-economic damages for their losses:

  • Economic damages. These are tangible losses such as medical expenses, rehabilitation and therapy costs, lost wages due to missed work, and future loss of earning capacity.
  • Non-economic damages. These include intangible impacts like pain and suffering, emotional distress, reduced quality of life, and disability.

The amount of compensation bus accident victims in Phoenix receive will be dependent on several factors related to their claim, including injury severity, how long it takes a person to recover, whether or not there are any disabilities, total insurance policy limitations, shared liability, and more.

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