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Survivors of sexual assault deserve justice, compensation, and closure. At Sargon Law Group, our team is standing by to help if you need a Phoenix sexual assault attorney by your side. We have a thorough understanding of what it takes to bring success with these civil claims. Survivors of sexual assault are not alone when they turn to our team for help. We will use our resources to help you every step of the way.

Why Turn to Sargon Law Group After a Sexual Assault in Phoenix

  • At Sargon Law Group, our team has a thorough understanding of the severity of these cases and the importance of moving forward with them. You need closure, and the other party must feel the consequences.
  • Our team has no problem taking a sexual assault case all the way to trial if that is what it takes to ensure that our clients are properly cared for every step of the way.
  • We are here to listen to your story. We put the clients first, which means you will always have access to our team when you have questions or concerns related to your claim.

How Is a Sexual Assault Case a Civil Claim?

Data shows that an American is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds across this country. The majority of sexual assault victims are under the age of 30, but this can happen to anyone. 

Sexual assault cases are never easy. You are a survivor, and this should never have happened to you. In an ideal scenario, any person who commits a sexual assault would face criminal charges and spend time in prison. However, that is not always what happens. The burden of proof for a prosecutor to go after the person accused of sexual assault is much higher than the burden of proof required for a civil claim. That can mean that a person accused of sexual assault will not always suffer criminal consequences.

Regardless of whether or not a person faces criminal charges for a sexual assault in the Phoenix area, survivors of sexual assaults can file a civil claim against the alleged assaulter. A civil claim will not result in a person having to do time in prison or any other type of criminal penalties, but it can help in various other ways.

Phoenix sexual assault cases are about helping a survivor take back their power. 

You can take back your power. 

By holding an alleged sexual assaulter accountable in civil court, you can recover closure and compensation that can help you move forward.

Compensation for Sexual Assault Survivors in Phoenix

There may be various types of compensation available for a survivor of sexual assault in Phoenix. At Sargon Law Group, we are cognizant of the fact that these claims are not easy and that no amount of money can erase what happened. However, we will still work to recover economic and non-economic compensation on your behalf through a successful claim against the other party. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Medical expenses. This can include the coverage of any past or future medical costs related to the sexual assault, including hospital stays, physical therapy, prescription medications, medical devices, mental health assistance, and more.
  • Pain and suffering damages. Survivors of sexual assault will undoubtedly experience an emotional toll that most of us will never know. Our goal is to recover non-economic compensation to pay for the physical and emotional pain and suffering a survivor had to endure and will continue to endure as a result of the incident. Data from RAINN indicates that survivors of sexual assault are likely to experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the weeks following a sexual assault, and many experience these symptoms long after the assault occurs.
  • Lost wages. If a sexual assault survivor is unable to work due to the trauma they have endured, we want to recover compensation to replace those wages. 

Phoenix Sexual Assault Lawyer

How Much Does a Phoenix Sexual Assault Accident Lawyer Cost?

At Sargon Law Group, we handle Phoenix sexual assault claims on a contingency fee basis. This means clients will never worry about paying a legal fee until after we successfully recover the compensation they need. Survivors of sexual assault will not have to pay any upfront costs related to their case. The final legal fees will equal an agreed-upon percentage of the settlement or jury verdict. If we do not win the case, clients do not pay any legal fees at all.

How a Phoenix Attorney Can Help You as a Sexual Assault Victim

Sexual assault claims can be incredibly challenging to pursue, particularly when working to navigate issues with any possible criminal case, as well as an independent investigation into the allegations. When a skilled sexual assault lawyer in Phoenix gets involved, they will use their resources to conduct a full investigation into the incident.

Additionally, an attorney will be the one to handle any and all communication with other parties involved. Sexual assault survivors should not be responsible for talking to anyone else. They need to focus on recovering. An attorney will handle all negotiations in an effort to secure fair and full compensation for their client. In the event the other parties refuse to offer a fair settlement, an attorney will fully prepare the case for a trial by jury. Our team of Phoenix rideshare sexual assault lawyers have the experience and skill to help you file a claim against the liable party.

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If you or somebody you care about is a survivor of sexual assault in the Phoenix area, reach out to the team at Sargon Law Group for assistance as soon as possible. We believe in helping sexual assault survivors every step of the way. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers will fully investigate every aspect of the incident, handle all communication with other parties involved to recover compensation on your behalf, and prepare your case for trial if necessary. When you need help from a Phoenix sexual assault attorney, you can contact us through our contact page or call us at (623) 225-5635.