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Arizona ranks among 20 other U.S. states that have above-average total recordable cases of workplace accidents. Considering Arizona’s relatively small population size, this continues to raise questions of worker safety. The relevant authorities continue to investigate the causes of these accidents, which has generated some key data about Arizona and the rest of the United States.

1. Workers’ Comp Is Not Fault-Based

Workers often choose not to report workplace accidents if they believe they contributed to the incident. They worry about losing their jobs or they believe they cannot receive compensation for injuries they cause.

However, workers’ compensation for on-the-job injuries operates on a no-fault basis. Consequently, even when employee negligence caused the accident, workers may still file a claim. Get help from a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney in Arizona for expert legal representation with your claim.  

2. Workplace Accidents and Fatalities Fluctuate

In 2019, agencies reported that the year saw a 2% increase in workplace fatalities compared to 2018. This might imply that work fatalities are on the rise, but they actually fluctuate. For example, in 2017, workplace fatalities stood at 90, which was higher than the figures for 2018.

Regardless of the data and the direction that it trends in, even one death is one too many. When workplace accidents result in fatalities, eligible survivors may pursue a suit to recover damages and protect the household, especially minors.

3. Men Outpace Women for Fatal Workplace Accidents

Over the years, women around the world have enjoyed longer life expectancies than men. This stems, in part, from a tendency toward less risky activities in work and in their personal lives. Men make up the majority of the workforce in more dangerous fields, such as construction, mining and trucking.

Even so, the fact that men make up 98% of fatal Arizona workplace accidents is a stunning revelation. This is also higher than the national average, which is still exceptionally high at 92% for men across all states.

4. Transportation Is the Most Dangerous

The transportation industry ranks among the most dangerous across the country. So, it comes as no surprise that most fatal workplace injuries take place during transportation. However, Arizona outpaces the national average here, too.

Falls, slips and trips represent the second-most dangerous category. Once again, Arizona outpaces the national average. Violence and animal attacks rank third. In fourth place is contact with objects and equipment. These two categories make up lower percentages of Arizona’s case distribution than the national average.

5. OSHA Backs Workers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration almost always stands behind workers. It also encourages businesses to take a proactive approach toward safety. In Arizona, the state’s Department of Occupational Health and Safety even provides free consulting and training.

This state agency and OSHA make it easy for workers to call in and anonymously file complaints or request visits. The organizations also advise workers on what to do after an injury. Seeking medical care ranks at the top of the list because failure to do so can compromise claims.

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