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Learn what Attorney Sargon Khananisho at Sargon Law Group wish he knew when he first became a Phoenix personal injury attorney:

  1. The amount of dedication required. There is a great deal of dedication required in order to go through the various levels of schooling while trying to maintain the rest of your life.
  2. The importance of interpersonal skills in this career. You can be a great attorney but not know how to communicate appropriately with a client and you need to be able to balance both especially in the area of personal injury. So many Arizona personal injury cases require so much more than just an understanding of law, these clients are going through a traumatic and life-changing event, they need a friend, a confident, someone to fight for them, and someone to help them through this process. Never negate the importance of being more than just an attorney.
  3. All prospective lawyers should take the Bar review before they enter law school. This will give them a fast track of learning how to navigate the legal system efficiently.
  4. You can never stop practicing. It is called the practice of law for a reason. Being able to learn and adapt is critical. So being both a student and teacher is a path all attorneys should strive to take because you have to stay up to date and continue to practice to remain successful in this career.
  5. Make sure you make time for self-care. Understanding that it is important to still make time for self-care. The life of an attorney is a grueling one, every day consists of managing so many different things while constantly battling on behalf of other people, and in my case, insurance companies. But never forget that your own personal self-care helps make you a better person and advocate. So do not neglect your own health.