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If you receive injuries from an accident in which your airbags did not work, you may be asking, can you sue for airbags not deploying? In some cases, you may have a reason for a lawsuit, but there are various factors involved.

Can You Sue for Airbags Not Deploying?

The short answer is that it depends on why the airbags did not deploy.

There are various reasons why an airbag does not deploy in a crash:

  • Type of accident
  • Speed of the involved vehicles
  • History of auto maintenance
  • Airbag location
  • Size and height of the other vehicle 
  • Airbag malfunction or defect

In some instances, such as if the accident occurred at lower speeds, there may not be a case for a lawsuit. But a defective or malfunctioning airbag may be grounds to sue. 

Who Is Responsible for Your Airbags Not Deploying?

What to do in the instance of an airbag not deploying.

You may be asking, can you sue a car manufacturer for airbags not deploying? The answer is, possibly. At Sargon Law Group, our first priority is to examine the evidence to see if someone else may be responsible for the airbags not deploying.

There have been instances in which the U.S. Department of Safety has warned owners of particular vehicles with defective airbags. Some defects that may be present regarding airbags include:

  • Electrical component problems
  • Broken sensors
  • Computer control issues
  • Defective firing device

To prove that the parts or auto manufacturer is at fault, we need to be able to demonstrate a number of factors:

  • The components of the crash would constitute the need for the airbags to deploy
  • The airbags did not deploy due to a defect
  • You received injuries due to the fact the airbags did not function correctly

Your injuries must also be severe enough to require medical treatment.

Can You Get Money if Your Airbags Don’t Deploy?

If we can provide the necessary evidence to prove that the manufacturer or designer was negligent and, as a result, it caused the airbags not to function, you may be able to get money.

We will determine an appropriate amount of money to ask for in the lawsuit. Factors involved include the type and severity of injuries, lost wages due to the injuries, type of treatment and rehabilitation required, property damage, pain and suffering and other losses. 

What Is the Average Settlement for Airbags Not Deploying?

It is difficult to determine an average settlement, as there are so many factors involved, but it may be possible to recover between tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even if we cannot find the manufacturer to be at fault for injuries related to an accident, you still may be able to recover some damages. Even if you had some percentage of fault in a crash, the other party may be responsible for a portion of your expenses, as explained by Arizona’s comparative negligence law.

Who Should You Speak To About Suing for Airbags Not Deploying?

Now that you know that you can sue for airbags not deploying in certain circumstances, we can review your case and determine if you can file a lawsuit. Contact us today.