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Not all car accidents occur between two or more vehicles. In fact, a fixed object accident is the second most common type of fatal crash, causing 17% of collision-related deaths in Arizona. 

What Is a Fixed Object Accident?

fixed object accident

These accidents generally involve a single vehicle hitting a stationary object. Common objects hit include:

  • Trees
  • Traffic barriers
  • Telephone or utility poles
  • Traffic lights
  • Bridges
  • Walls and fences

In some cases, a house or other building is the fixed object that a car collides with. These types of accidents often result in severe injuries and even death.

Who Is Liable in a Fixed Object Accident?

fixed object accident

In many cases, it is the driver who is at fault. However, there are other potential liable parties.

About half of fixed object fatal accidents occur at night, with alcohol involved in 20% of the fatal crashes. Other common causes include inattentiveness, speeding, poor visibility, weather conditions and fatigue. If any of these factors resulted in the collision, the individual operating the vehicle is probably liable for damages.

Even if you are at fault, you may not have to pay out of pocket for all of the damage if you have collision coverage. Contact your insurance company to determine if you have coverage for a fixed object accident.

Driver negligence is not always the cause, however. There may be another party involved and at fault for the accident:

  • Parts or vehicle manufacturers: If the cause of the collision was a mechanical defect, such as steering or brake failure, you may be able to take action against the manufacturer.
  • Other drivers: Even if not directly involved in the accident, another driver may be fully or partly at fault for the crash. Swerving to avoid a collision or losing control due to the negligence of another driver are examples of this.
  • Government agencies: Your accident may be due to the lack of maintenance, or defect, of the roadway, or if there is inadequate signage to warn you of a hazard. If so, you may be able to recover damages from the government municipality responsible for the road.
  • Trucking companies: A truck driver or company may be liable if you swerve to avoid spilled cargo or collide into cargo that has come loose from the truck.
  • Property owners: The owners of residential and commercial properties have a responsibility to ensure the surrounding roadways are clear of debris and objects, such as a parked vehicle or structure. If you have to swerve to avoid any associated object, the owner may be at fault.

If you are in a collision and think another party is at fault, obtain a police report and document everything you can at the scene. Receive medical treatment if needed. Next, seek legal assistance.

Who Can You Turn To for Help With Your Fixed Object Accident?

If you were in a fixed object accident in Maricopa County and suffered injuries, contact us at Sargon Law Group. We will review the facts of your case to determine if someone else is liable for your injuries. If you are not the at-fault party, we will build a strong case to get the compensation that you deserve.