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How do lawyers get paid for services rendered?

How Will Your Lawyer Get Paid for Services Rendered?

If you have received injuries in an accident, you may be thinking about filing a lawsuit. You probably have questions about how lawyers get paid and whether you will be able to afford to hire an attorney. How Do Lawyers Get Paid, and How Much Do They Make? In the U.S., the median yearly...
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How to tell who sideswiped who after an accident.

How To Tell Who Sideswiped Who After an Accident

Sideswipe accidents occur when a vehicle contacts the side of another vehicle, and it can be difficult how to tell who sideswiped who in some situations. Although sideswipes that occur at slower speeds generally only result in minor property damage, accidents that happen at high speeds can result in serious injuries, and fatalities occur...
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Is brake checking illegal?

Is Brake Checking Illegal in Arizona?

You’ve likely seen drivers tap or even slam on their brakes to express frustration to a vehicle behind them. These individuals may even operate under the assumption that a rear-end collision is always legally the fault of the rear driver. However, that raises the question: Is brake checking illegal, and who is liable for...
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What is a fixed object accident?

What Is a Fixed Object Accident?

Not all car accidents occur between two or more vehicles. In fact, a fixed object accident is the second most common type of fatal crash, causing 17% of collision-related deaths in Arizona.  What Is a Fixed Object Accident? These accidents generally involve a single vehicle hitting a stationary object. Common objects hit include: Trees...
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can a pedestrian be at fault

Can a Pedestrian Be At Fault for an Accident in Arizona?

If a vehicle hits you while you are in or near a road or parking lot, you understandably expect to receive suitable compensation for your damages. If the other party claims they are not the one responsible for the accident, however, it can raise questions as to whether a pedestrian can be at fault...
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what is a letter of protection

What Is a Letter of Protection, and When Do You Need One for a Personal Injury Claim?

At our firm, we find that reaching a fair personal injury payout may take several months of negotiations or even a few years. Since your wounds likely need immediate treatment, what is a letter of protection able to do for you in this situation? Learn how this document works in Arizona and how you...
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Should I Get a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident in Arizona?

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident in Arizona?

The moments following a car crash are full of uncertainty, ironically more so when the collision is less severe. This can leave you wondering if you should get a lawyer for a minor car accident. Maricopa County, Arizona, accounted for over 71% of all crashes in the state for 2022, many of which were...
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motorcycle safety tips

8 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Arizona Motorcyclists

There are approximately 320,000 motorcycles registered in the state of Arizona. Because you are more vulnerable when riding if you get in a crash, motorcycle safety tips can help prevent collisions or at least lessen your risk for severe injury or death if a collision is unavoidable. Why Is Motorcycle Safety Important in Arizona?...
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Is wrongful death a civil or criminal case?

Is Wrongful Death a Civil or Criminal Case in Arizona?

People who are dealing with the untimely loss of a loved one often need to know, is wrongful death a civil or criminal case? In the State of Arizona, it is a civil case. This means that if a family member of yours dies in an accident or other situation, you may be able...
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arizona lemon law

What Is the Arizona Lemon Law?

If you purchased a new or used vehicle that you think is defective, you may be wondering what the Arizona lemon law entails. The state has a set of regulations in place to protect consumers who bought a vehicle that has defects that affect safety and use, and you may be able to take...
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