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Auto insurance companies say they’ll resolve claims fairly and efficiently. If that’s the case, what does a car accident lawyer in Phoenix do? Do you even need legal help after an accident?

There are good reasons why Sargon Law Group has multiple accolades and five-star reviews from clients. Find out how we help car accident victims get justice.

Learn What a Car Accident Lawyer Does for Clients

What does a car accident lawyer do?

When you hire our firm, you can count on someone to be in your corner to handle the following.

Provides Sound Legal Guidance

A simple miscommunication or oversight could alter how much compensation you receive from a car accident claim. We help you understand your rights to avoid missing out on recoverable damages.

For example, did you know that your social media posts could compromise your case? We advise you about how to protect your claim and which actions can bolster it.

Investigates the Accident and Gathers Evidence

Your case may seem clear-cut. However, it might have complicating factors, such as multiple at-fault parties or the aggravation of a preexisting condition.

One major thing a car accident lawyer can do is investigate the incident to prove any other party’s negligence. We also search for any evidence we can access. This includes documentation that might be hard for you to retrieve, such as cellphone records or security footage from nearby buildings.

Another set of evidence we can help you get involves testimony from experts. You can use this information to establish fault or verify the amount of any future damages you will incur because of the accident.

Handles Administrative Paperwork and Communications

Handling paperwork is part of what a car accident lawyer does for clients.

An error when filing your claim can create issues that delay or negate your settlement. Furthermore, interactions with the insurance company or at-fault parties can be risky because they might try to trick you into saying something that hurts your case.

What does a car accident lawyer do to minimize such possibilities? We file the necessary paperwork for you so it gets in on time. We’ll also communicate with the other side on your behalf.

It can take time to get your settlement, but you or your loved ones will require treatment immediately. If your health insurance does not fully cover it, we’ll work to arrange medical liens so you can still get the appropriate care.

Negotiates or Litigates Your Case

We can settle most cases out of court, resulting in you recovering damages more quickly. However, that requires negotiations to clearly establish every last dime the insurance company should pay you.

Keep in mind that insurers may conveniently “overlook” the noneconomic damages you are due for your pain and suffering. We push for the highest amount possible, supplying valid calculations for that figure.

If the other side refuses to give you a fair deal, we take your case to court. Instead of worrying about navigating the complex legal process, you can focus on getting better as we competently handle the litigation.

Discover What a Car Accident Lawyer Can Do for Your Case

Our car accident lawyer can do a lot to help you get justice after a collision, so don’t hesitate to call us. If you experienced a crash in Queen Creek, Surprise, or any other city in Maricopa County, our personal injury lawyers can support you. Contact our team at Sargon Law Group for a free consultation.