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At our firm, we find that reaching a fair personal injury payout may take several months of negotiations or even a few years. Since your wounds likely need immediate treatment, what is a letter of protection able to do for you in this situation?

Learn how this document works in Arizona and how you can get justice in a personal injury claim.

What Is a Letter of Protection?

what is a letter of protection

A letter of protection is a contract that helps you receive sufficient medical care while you’re waiting for compensation from a personal injury claim. In this document, your attorney agrees to pay your care provider for medical treatment from the funds you’ll receive from your settlement.

Typically, these letters assure the providers that they’ll get their portion of the payment before you can access the money as the claimant. Bear in mind that your attorney is not promising to cover your medical bills, nor is the doctor going to waive your expenses if you do not win your case.

Why Would You Need a Letter of Protection?

what is a letter of protection

Did you know that doctors and care facilities in Arizona can refuse to treat patients? Such institutions usually only have to provide emergency care to all. As long as the situation is not critical and there is no illegal discrimination, private practitioners can refuse to treat you because of an inability to pay.

A letter of protection is what you can use to ensure you’ll get the necessary follow-up treatments for your injuries. This can be vital if you do not have enough cash, credit or health insurance to cover your medical care while waiting for your settlement.

What Challenges Can Arise When Using a Letter of Protection?

Not every doctor or hospital is willing to accept a letter of protection. However, our legal team helps you locate a trustworthy care provider who accommodates patients with personal injury claims. We can assist you in finding facilities in cities throughout Maricopa County, including Gilbert, Mesa, Peoria and Buckeye.

Also, since doctors do not waive their fee if you lose your case, you would be on the hook for your medical bills, even with the letter in place. That’s why it’s important to work with a competent attorney who can give you a reasonable idea of what to expect regarding the value of your claim. This knowledge helps you make better decisions regarding treatment.

Furthermore, your medical bills and diagnoses will be part of the evidence you use to claim damages. The insurance company might argue that the medical provider inflated your costs because of what a letter of protection is offering in the way of compensation. However, this is merely a tactic that our experienced attorneys will be ready to counter.

Let Us Help You Determine if a Letter of Protection Is What You Need

When you have to wait to get payment for your personal injury claim, a letter of protection is what you can use to ensure you receive sufficient care in the meantime. If you need help navigating the aftermath of a serious personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, talk to us at Sargon Law Group. We’ll provide a free consultation to help you figure out your next steps in fighting for justice.