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Given the vulnerability of the human body in a car accident, it is no surprise that broken bones are a common occurrence. When someone else’s negligence causes the injury, an injured person in Maricopa County, Arizona, has the right to seek compensation for their losses. A broken bone car accident settlement should cover the damages related to your accident, including the pain and suffering you endured. Learn more about the factors that influence the value of your settlement and how a Phoenix car accident attorney can help.

Factors Influencing Broken Bone Car Accident Settlements in Arizona

Every car accident case is unique. The details determine the type and value of your claim. Consider some factors that may influence your settlement:

  • The number of body parts affected by the broken bone or bones
  • The severity of the broken bone injury or injuries
  • Whether you obtained medical treatment in a timely manner
  • How long you will endure pain and limitations due to your injuries
  • Whether you suffer from emotional injuries because of the crash

Medical expenses, missed work opportunities, property damage and emotional distress all create value for a car accident settlement. With strong evidence, you increase your chance of a fast and fair settlement.

The Value of a Broken Bone Settlement

A broken bone is a serious injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, it can impact for your personal and professional life. Because every case has unique circumstances, the value of settlements can vary drastically, and even the at-fault party’s level of negligence can impact damages. A key benefit of hiring a personal injury attorney in Phoenix is their experience identifying and calculating recoverable losses.

How a Legal Representative Can Help People With Broken Bone Injuries

Most car accident attorneys work on contingency, charging no upfront fees for their services. You get the benefit of having a legal representative without adding to the financial burdens that can follow an auto crash. Instead, your attorney will receive payment only if they secure a broken bone car accident settlement for your claim.

Tasks your attorney will perform include administrative work such as completing and filing all necessary paperwork with the correct court, drafting a demand letter and gathering all necessary documentation to prove your claim. Other basic duties include:

  • Communicating with the insurance company
  • Investigating the car accident to find evidence of negligence
  • Identifying all your recoverable losses from the accident
  • Valuing your non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering and emotional distress
  • Drafting interrogatories for the discovery phase of the legal process

Your attorney protects you from rights violations. Their primary concern is ensuring you receive adequate compensation to cover all losses. They start negotiating with the insurance company to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Learn More About Your Right to a Broken Bone Car Accident Settlement

If you suffered broken bones in a collision caused by the carelessness of another driver, personal injury law in Arizona is on your side. To ensure your broken bone car accident settlement adequately reflects your losses, consider legal representation. Contact Sargon Law Group to request your free consultation or call (623) 225-5635.