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One situation where it’s crucial to navigate legal matters correctly is when you’re trying to recover maximum compensation after suffering a car accident. Unfortunately, such circumstances are all too common.

As proof of that, the Arizona Department of Transportation reports that, on average, someone suffers a car accident injury every 10 minutes in our state. For incidents without bodily injury, there are over 227 daily that involve property damage.

In such instances, is it worth hiring an attorney for a car accident? In many cases, the answer is, “Yes.” Find out how Sargon Law Group can support you through a car accident claim.

Why Is It Worth Hiring an Attorney for a Car Accident?

is it worth hiring an attorney for a car accident?

Consider a few reasons why hiring a Phoenix car accident attorney is beneficial for residents of Maricopa County.

Your Attorney Educates and Supports You

When you contact our firm, the first step is a free consultation. We can begin to help you understand your rights and explain any confusing details about handling your claim.

Each situation is unique, and our online resources can only offer general information. When you retain our services, you’ll receive specific legal advice throughout the claims process to know where you stand and the outlook of the case.

At Sargon Law Group, we pride ourselves on being attentive and understanding during a stressful time. Accidents raise lots of concerns and questions, and we do all we can to address them for you.

A Legal Firm Helps You Confidently Navigate the Law

You might be considering representing yourself, which the courts sometimes refer to as a “pro per” or “pro se” litigant. The State of Arizona allows this as long you follow the court rules. However, doing so is not as easy as it appears in entertainment, making it worth hiring an attorney for a car accident.

For example, the Arizona Judicial Branch only has a brief guide for those who wish to represent themselves. If you need to appeal a decision, matters become even more complex, so the judicial branch provides a 102-page handbook with over 21,000 words.

Additionally, there are numerous other web pages with guides, forms and chat features that can take a novice days to navigate. Be aware that neither a law librarian nor the live chat feature can offer you legal advice but can only supply facts.

In rare situations, a personal injury case may need to come before a federal court. The United States District Court of Arizona also provides online resources for people who wish to self-represent. Interestingly, the site states that it “is not a substitute for legal advice from an experienced attorney.”

It also recommends that self-representing litigants review three different handbooks that comprise over 500 pages, as well as read all of the practices of the presiding judge. Clearly, this work can quickly become overwhelming, which is why it’s worth hiring an attorney for a car accident.

Even though most personal injury cases don’t go to trial, knowledge of the law lays a strong foundation for negotiations. Defendants and insurers are more likely to acquiesce when they realize that you have solid legal footing for your claim and could prove it in court.

A Lawyer Assists You in Discovering All Avenues of Compensation

when to hire a lawyer for car accident

Insurance companies increase profits by paying out as little as possible. Therefore, they won’t necessarily highlight every penny of compensation that you could receive. For that reason, accident victims usually find it worth hiring an attorney for a car accident claim to recover higher compensation than they would by self-representing.

Your payout generally involves three types of damages.


Economic damages are specific losses that you suffered due to the accident and can be proven with bills and invoices. They also encompass future expenses that you will incur because of the event.

Common examples include the money you did not earn because of missed time from work. Additionally, you can claim compensation for future benefits or earning capacity that you’ll miss out on because of your injuries.

You’ll also want to file for your costs from medical treatments and physical therapy. If injuries will cause you to have future care needs, these also qualify for economic recovery.

Further, the payout should cover the costs to repair and replace damaged property and incidental expenses, such as transportation costs, while you wait for your car to get fixed. This could include rideshare services or a rental car.

During this stressful time, you may find it hard to calculate and organize the paperwork for these expenses. You’ll find that it’s worth hiring an attorney for a car accident claim to help guide you through the process.


You will also have noneconomic losses that are difficult to quantify. These include pain and suffering from the accident, as well as enduring psychological trauma.

For instance, you may experience anxiety or depression from being unable to do the same kind of fulfilling work as before the accident. You might also have to give up certain recreational activities that you once enjoyed with friends and family. If the injuries caused any visible scarring or disfigurement, this too could cause psychological difficulties that merit compensation.

Calculating these losses involves either the per diem or multiplier method. A lawyer understands which calculation to use to help you get the fairest compensation and then negotiates that point with the insurer. This assistance is another reason why it’s worth hiring an attorney for a car accident.


Punitive damages punish the defendant for an egregious error and serve as a warning to similar individuals or entities. For instance, a driver for a transportation company may have repeatedly ignored guidelines for maintenance or rest. A precedent for punitive damages might allow you to get an additional payout in these instances.

Punitive damages are also applicable in cases of malicious intent. Your lawyer can help you examine the facts and attempt to prove such intent existed. Though punitive damages are rare, working with an attorney gives you a better chance of discovering when such compensation is possible.

Your Law Firm Helps You Determine Liability

We also thoroughly investigate your claim to discover which parties were liable and their level of responsibility. Anyone who injured you by acting negligently could be liable.

It’s worth hiring an attorney for a car accident claim to help you determine this because Arizona is a pure comparative negligence state. Therefore, multiple parties may owe you restitution. Also, you could still recover damages even when the insurer or court wants to assign you a portion of the fault.

The at-fault parties could include:

  • Vehicle owner: If the driver was not the owner, the owner may bear a portion of the liability for permitting the negligent use of the vehicle. For example, a parent may have let a child operate a vehicle past the state’s curfew.
  • Road maintenance teams or property owners: If the accident was due to unsafe conditions on a public road, you could have a claim against the responsible entity. If the crash occurred on private property, you might bring a claim against the property owner.
  • Driver’s employer: If the driver was an employee of a private company or public institution, you may need to bring the claim against the employer. The guidelines and statute of limitations are unique for government claims, so it’s worth hiring an attorney for a car accident that involves a public worker.
  • Manufacturer, repair shop or seller: If the vehicle has defective parts or a malfunction, you may need to sue a manufacturer or mechanic. If the seller misrepresented the car in some way and that information led to a collision, your claim may be against the seller.

Occurrences of a defect or malfunction can be particularly thorny, making it worth hiring an attorney for your car accident.

Various businesses play a role in designing, manufacturing and selling a vehicle. You have to figure out which particular party is responsible for the error and face off against their legal team. Our lawyers at Sargon Law Group are ready to go to the mat for you in these cases where you deserve justice.

Your Attorney Can Protect You From the Insurance Companies

Insurers know subtle tactics to minimize your claim. Typically, adjusters won’t be aggressive about getting you to settle for a lower amount but will present an offer as if it’s a good deal or the best they can do despite knowing that additional compensation is possible.

Also, adjusters can use tactics that cause you to compromise your own claim. They might phrase questions in a way that causes you to unintentionally say things that downplay your injuries or accept part of the blame. They can also try to trip you up with questions about the incident that make your story sound inconsistent.

You don’t need the stress of communicating with insurers as you try to get your life back to normal. It’s worth hiring us as attorneys for a car accident. We can communicate on your behalf with the other parties, including insurance companies.

How Do You Know When To Hire a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Seems Minor?

should you hire a lawyer for a minor car accident?

Any accident with serious injuries or substantial property damage can benefit from the help of a lawyer. The only situation where you might not be able to have representation is in small claims cases.

In Arizona, small claims do not exceed $3,500, excluding interest and associated costs. The purpose of small claims court is to provide an expedient resolution to simpler cases. Therefore, only the most minor fender benders come to this venue.

For that reason, the state does not permit either side to bring in legal representation. The only exception is if both parties agree in writing to waive that rule. However, the low amount of compensation may not make it worth hiring an attorney for a car accident.

If you’re not sure when to hire a lawyer for a car accident that seems insignificant, go ahead and call us at Sargon Law Group. Your initial consultation is always free. Knowing what next steps to take can keep you from settling for less than what your case is worth.

How Long Should You Take To Decide Whether To Hire an Attorney?

Arizona’s statute of limitations only gives you two years to file a personal injury claim. However, a claim against a public entity or employee is only 180 days. That time can pass by quickly as you try to recuperate physically and restore your property.

The problem with waiting is that you lose valuable evidence. It typically takes months to build a case, so time is of the essence. Also, witnesses will likely struggle to remember what they saw as time passes and be less willing to offer a confident statement. Even if they can, the defense may be able to pick apart the strength of their testimony.

You also need to be able to directly connect your injuries to the accident. Another argument the defense will use is that you either sustained your wounds before the accident or due to an unconnected event afterward.

When you take swift action, you can more clearly prove that your injuries were the result of the collision. That generally makes it worth hiring an attorney for a car accident shortly after the incident.

How Much Will a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

Personal injury lawyers typically work on a contingency basis in Arizona. We follow the practice of charging fees that range anywhere from 25% to 40%. The higher percentage is typically only necessary when a claim must go to trial and requires more work.

It’s Worth Hiring a Car Accident Attorney From Sargon Law Group

On its face, a car accident might seem like an open-and-shut case. However, the circumstances, applicable statutes and parties to the incident can quickly complicate things. Plus, it’s challenging to learn and navigate the finer points of the law while you also have to focus on recuperating.

For many reasons, it is worth hiring a personal injury attorney for a car accident claim. Don’t try to represent yourself alone. Our team at Sargon Law Group stands ready to help residents in places like Goodyear, Tolleson, Chandler and Laveen. Call or message us for a free consultation to find out how we can fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.