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If you’ve recently been the victim of an accident or you’ve been accused of wrongdoing, you may be starting your Arizona attorney search. Read through our three tips and determine the best ways to locate and contact the attorney who is right for your case.

Who May Need an Attorney in Arizona?

If your 95-year-old mother passed away peacefully in her hospital bed, or if you dinged someone else’s car door in the parking lot, you likely do not need an attorney to settle these cases. On the other hand, if you suspect that your mother suffered wrongful death due to medical malpractice, you may need legal help from a Phoenix wrongful death attorney. Or if you totaled your car in that parking lot and the other driver is blaming you (though you know she was at fault), finding a skilled Phoenix car accident lawyer through an Arizona attorney search is your best bet to navigating what could be a tricky legal matter.

3 Tips for Your Arizona Attorney Search

In consulting your online local directory of attorneys, you’ve come across many names and descriptions of cases these legal experts handle. How do you know what type of case you have? More to the point, how do you know those attorneys are any good? Consider the following tips to help you or your family locate a qualified attorney for when you need the right person on your side.

1. Ask Friends and Family

The best resource may still be word-of-mouth referrals. Get in touch with friends or family members who have fought their own legal battles and ask which attorney they used. You have the benefit here of consulting with someone who either lost or won a case — and your loved ones will likely be very clear about which attorneys they prefer.

2. Ask Other Lawyers

Similar to the medical profession in which doctors may refer you to specialists, attorneys know a lot of other professionals in the legal field and can easily assist in your Arizona attorney search. If your friend is an immigration attorney, but you need help after a bad car accident, this person, though he may have great credentials in his own field, may not be the right person to help you construct a legal case that pertains to your accident. However, he may be able to point you to someone who can.

3. Ask the Internet

If you don’t know anyone who has used an attorney and you aren’t well acquainted with anyone in the legal profession, turn to internet databases. You can use LinkedIn’s search feature to discover attorneys who are available for consultation. Simply search this platform or other internet databases, for attorneys who match your specifications and location. Try searches for “car accident attorney” or “legal help in Arizona” to make your search local. You may be able to read online reviews and testimonials of others who have used a particular attorney.

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If you’re beginning your Arizona attorney search, don’t wait to reach out. Sargon Law Group’s experienced team of Phoenix personal injury attorneys can assist you with cases related to personal injury, vehicle accidents, elder abuse, insurance, and wrongful death. Contact us and start finding justice today.