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Finding the right personal injury attorney to represent your claim is essential when you’ve been injured in an Arizona accident. You will likely have many questions and concerns as your case unfolds, so you want an attorney who is comfortable to work with. Sargon Law Group has top personal injury lawyers in Phoenix who care about your case and are ready to help.

Look for These Attributes in Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Phoenix

Reputable lawyers will gladly respond to inquiries about what they can bring to cases. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when you meet with an attorney for an initial consultation. These are five characteristics to consider during your first meeting when looking for the right lawyer:

1. Trustworthy

Trust is a critical component in personal injury law. People seriously hurt in accidents have their lives turned upside down. A trustworthy attorney has a reputation for honoring commitments to clients. You come to an Arizona lawyer seeking help and guidance. A lawyer should provide you with objectivity and honesty about what to expect from the legal process.

2. Attentive

Deciding to work with top personal injury lawyers in Phoenix can be complicated, especially given the many life stressors of accident injuries. There is no substitute for an attorney who is a good listener and attentive to your concerns. A lawyer who hears you, takes the time to understand what you need, and gives thoughtful answers is invested in you and the outcome of your case.

3. Empathetic

As a professional trait, empathy is valuable in any workplace. An American Bar Association publication notes that the power of empathy is essential to the practice of law and contributes to improved relationships for attorneys.

A compassionate attorney who understands you and what you are going through makes the legal journey much easier. In many cases, you can get a feel for an attorney’s ability to relate to you in your initial meeting.

4. Experienced

Time in practice for top personal injury lawyers in Phoenix is a significant component of success. It takes years to hone the skills that make lawyers excel as mediators and litigators. You need a trial-ready legal representative if you can’t settle your case out of court.

With personal injury lawsuits, too many vital details hang in the balance for you to risk hiring an inexperienced lawyer. A firm’s record and years of handling cases are key indicators of the capabilities and qualifications of its team members.      

5. Prepared

An organized attorney who is always well-prepared for whatever comes is critical to settling your claim. Your lawyer must be able to handle the numerous details involved in a personal injury suit, such as staying on top of communications, investigations and document preparations. Additionally, you want an attorney who thinks ahead and knows how to shift strategies to your advantage as the case evolves.

Hire Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Phoenix After an Accident

Sargon Law Group is a client-focused firm with the experience and dedication necessary to handle your Arizona accident case. As top personal injury lawyers in Phoenix, we fight to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Contact us about your legal inquiry and get a free case consultation.