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Have you recently been in a car accident that seemed practically inevitable thanks to the road itself? In addition to causing confusion and driving mistakes, several aspects of roadway design can contribute to a collision that leads to injuries for drivers and passengers. Learn more about these roadway design pitfalls that might have factored into your accident and call a Phoenix car accident attorney at Sargon Law Group for legal assistance as soon as possible.

What Aspects of Roadway Design Can Contribute to a Collision?

A poorly designed shape or improperly paved road are just a couple of factors that can lead to a car accident. Here are several other design considerations that contribute to dangerous driving conditions.

1. Poor Lighting at Intersections

Driving at night is already stressful for many people. Going through a dimly lit intersection or turning down a dark road can feel as though you’re taking a gamble with your own safety. Inadequate or dim lighting on busy roads can be a crucial (and often overlooked) factor in car accidents.

2. Confusing Road Signs or Markings

Confusing signage in roadway design can contribute to a collision. Have you ever pulled up to a four-way stop and been unsure about when it was your turn to drive through? You’re not alone. Many accidents are caused by unclear signs and road markings.

3. Insufficient Lane Width

Not all cars are the same size — but some roadway designs appear to assume that they are. If you’re squeezed into a narrow road next to a larger car, you’re at risk for sideswipe accidents. You also might feel forced to make choices, such as driving your car slightly off the road to leave room for other vehicles, that put you in danger. Having insufficient room to turn or pass on a narrow road can lead to a dangerous situation for all parties involved.

4. Badly Designed Curves

Driving around a curve or over a hill where you can’t see what’s on the other side is already a nerve-wracking experience. Badly designed curves, twists, and turns in roadway design can contribute to a collision.

5. Inadequate Grade or Alignment

Hilly roads that descend too steeply can create conditions for an accident — especially in slick conditions or at nighttime. Road grade matters because it affects how quickly you can stop and how well your car’s brakes are able to work on the road. If there’s no signage that warns you of a swift increase in road gradient, or if you’re driving on a steep road that’s also filled with curves and poor lighting, you can imagine how this could turn into a dangerous situation very quickly.

Roadway Design Can Contribute to a Collision, so Call Your Attorney Today

Now that you know how roadway design can contribute to a collision that causes injury or totals a vehicle, you likely have many questions. If you were the victim of a car accident, know that it’s not too late to investigate the issue. Contact Sargon Law Group to talk to a compassionate, experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney today.