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Over the years, Arizona has developed a bad reputation for high rates of traffic accidents. Phoenix alone sees 85 car crashes in a single day. Many of these accidents are minor, but serious injuries and death are possible. If you or a loved one suffered an accident in Arizona, you might wonder about your options. Thankfully, Arizona is a fault-based insurance state. Working with a qualified Arizona attorney improves your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

1. You Know What Your Case Is Worth

Fighting with insurance companies and going to court is a time-consuming process. An experienced attorney can review your case and determine whether the offer you receive from the insurance company is fair or whether you have a strong enough case to fight. In most cases, insurance companies do not provide a fair first offer. An experienced attorney negotiates on your behalf for a better deal.

To accomplish this, your Arizona attorney needs to review all the details you have regarding the case. When the incident happened is arguably one of the most important details. Arizona’s statute of limitations sets a two-year limit on recovering damages.

2. Car Crash Cases Are Complex

At first glance, car crash investigations might seem simple enough. The insurance companies review the data and determine who caused the accident. Then, the at-fault person’s insurance pays for the damages. However, there are several factors that could complicate a case:

  • You could agree not to involve the insurance companies after a minor accident, but then the person files a claim against your policy.
  • The police report or insurance companies determine you are both at fault, which can complicate the ability to seek compensation.
  • The insurance company challenges the cost of repairs from your mechanic and the medical bills from your doctor.

The Phoenix car accident lawyers at Sargon Law Group have experience handling complex car accident injury claims and have the knowledge to help victims recover financial compensation in these types of accidents.

3. Personal Injury Law Is Complex

The personal injury laws governing how entities handle car crash cases are even more complex. Only an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney has the knowledge to review the cases from all legal angles and seek an appropriate course of action. Working with an attorney is especially important if these and other factors complicate the case:

  • One or both of the vehicles involved in the crash are rental cars.
  • One or both of the vehicles involved in the crash are rideshare vehicles.
  • One or both of the vehicles involved in the crash are commercial vehicles.
  • One or both of the persons involved in the crash carry no-fault insurance from another state.
  • One or both of the vehicles damaged are restored or custom-built.
  • The accident resulted in the death of one or more persons.

4. Your Arizona Attorney Likely Works on Contingency

It’s a common practice in personal injury law not to charge clients upfront. Instead, attorneys only reclaim fees if they win the case. At this time, they take a portion of the settlement or the compensation awarded. Laws govern the maximum percentage attorneys can take, and compensation often takes attorney fees into consideration.

Attorneys who work on a contingency basis are even more motivated to win because it’s the only way they get paid. This payment model also reduces the need for injured persons or survivors to worry about paying for legal fees when they likely have much more important bills to tend to.

5. You Can Focus on Recovering

If you suffered a serious crash, you likely also have serious injuries. The accident could affect you mentally and physically for years to come. In some cases, you could have life-threatening conditions or permanent disabilities. In these instances, you need to focus on recovering while someone else handles the legal aspects of your case.

If you lost your loved one in a crash, grieving can be a long and painful process. You could feel a lot of hurt and resentment toward the person who caused the crash. This can cloud your judgment, so working with a qualified attorney can help steer you in the right direction.

6. An Arizona Attorney Knows Where To Look

When it comes to compiling strong evidence for a case, knowing where to find it is key. Your attorney knows how to get the police report, reconstruct accidents, track down witnesses, get medical files and compile statements.

Sometimes, even the most trivial details in a case can create the loophole needed to cast doubt on the opposition’s argument. Here are a few examples:

  • Time of day and weather conditions
  • Placement of signs or stop lights
  • Speed traveled by both vehicles
  • The presence or lack of skid marks at the scene

7. The Other Party Has Representation

In the case of a car crash, more often than not, insurance companies and their defense teams represent at-fault drivers. Insurance companies have large teams of experts working hard to build a case that allows them to pay you as little as possible.

Hiring an attorney helps you level the field. Attorneys have their own team of experts that they rely on to provide or analyze data that can strengthen your case. They can also make a stronger argument for you in court than you could likely make for yourself.

8. You Can Access Additional Resources

When you hire an experienced Arizona attorney, he or she likely has connections in the medical and financial fields. These individuals might help you get the assistance you need. For example, you could gain access to better doctors or receive the financial planning advice you need to protect your settlement from taxes, divorce, creditors or other factors.

Many of the connections you encounter via the law office might become part of your case. For example, your medical doctor could end up testifying on your behalf to confirm the extent of your injuries or disabilities.

When you choose Sargon Law Group attorneys as your allies in a car crash case, you can rest assured that you have a dedicated and results-oriented team behind you. We fight hard to get the best possible results, so you can protect your finances and move on with your life. Contact us to get a free consultation with your Arizona attorney.