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If you frequently cross state lines when you are driving, you are likely aware that some laws can change from state to state. The Arizona left lane law stipulates that drivers must stay in the right lane unless they are passing the car in front of them or making a left turn. There are several reasons why following this law is a good idea.

Stay Safe by Following the Arizona Left Lane Law

Seasoned drivers are likely to have a list of their biggest pet peeves on the road. Camping out in the left lane (and therefore impeding traffic) is likely to top most drivers’ lists. When you are frustrated with the behavior of other drivers, the road rage you experience can be a huge distraction.

Only using the left lane when you need to pass someone can keep you from becoming a thorn in another driver’s side. The most important reason to practice this particular courtesy on the road is safety. Every time you change lanes, you increase your risk of collision, especially if you do it so frequently that other drivers can’t keep track of where you are. Respecting the flow of traffic helps keep everyone safe.

Improve Efficiency by Staying in the Right Lane

Many drivers pull into the left lane out of frustration rather than need. However, staying in the right lane unless absolutely necessary to switch results in a more efficient drive overall. In addition to general safety, there are other practical benefits of following the Arizona left lane law:

  • Saving gas
  • Simplifying navigation
  • Reducing speed fluctuations

If you are not traveling at a considerably higher speed than the flow of the right lane, it is better to just slow down a little than to put yourself and your vehicle through the stress of weaving in and out of various lanes. Not only will you get where you’re going more efficiently, but you also will probably have a more pleasant journey.

Save Money by Avoiding Tickets and Accidents

While following this rule is certainly a courtesy no matter where you are, driving in the left lane can actually get you a ticket in Arizona. Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb knows that many drivers don’t understand the law, but this does not exempt them from being issued a warning or fined. It is every driver’s responsibility to know local traffic laws, and it is in your best interest to do so.

Getting a ticket can have a detrimental effect on your insurance rates. When a violation or accident goes on your record, your provider may see that as evidence that you are not a safe driver. This increases the insurance company’s risk factor, which can make it more expensive to maintain coverage. Driving in the right lane is a good way to keep your premiums down.

Understanding the Arizona Left Lane Law

Sargon Law Group can help you understand your rights regarding Arizona traffic laws. If you need legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix or any other city in Maricopa County due to violations of the Arizona left lane law or any other statute, contact us for a consultation.