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When you’re on the road, you always hope that other drivers are applying the same level of focus that you are as they operate their vehicles. This isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, officials say distracted driving caused more than 8,000 crashes in Arizona in 2020. So, does Arizona do enough to prevent distracted driving on its roadways? Read on and contact a Phoenix, AZ car accident lawyer to learn more.

Does Arizona Do Enough To Prevent Distracted Driving?

Does Arizona do enough to prevent distracted driving?

Distracted driving is a preventable problem, but too many people decide to make the wrong choice. Lawmakers in Arizona have tried to crack down on some of the causes, particularly cell phone use. Crashes involving a driver operating an electrical device make up a large portion of confirmed distracted driving wrecks.

In 2021, the state created a new hands-off law, making it illegal to manually use an electronic device while driving. This covers cell phones, tablets and gaming devices. Drivers caught violating these rules are subject to fines and even jail time if they are repeat offenders. While this law is a good start to reducing distracted driving, there are more issues that leaders can address.

An everyday activity that leads to crashes is eating while driving. Too often, people run late and try to have a quick bite to eat during their commute. It’s hard for them to keep their eyes on the road as they try to deal with their meal, increasing the risk of an accident. In fact, the most recent AZDOT fact sheet shows more than 2,500 crashes involved eating or drinking behind the wheel.

There are no current laws to regulate eating while driving, so every driver can use their own judgment about the level of risk. This puts other drivers in danger and opens the distracted driver up to liability if they hurt someone or damage property. Getting a handle on this type of distraction is a step that lawmakers could take to cut back on dangerous driving and make the roads safer.

Driver education is another avenue in the fight against distracted driving. Young people could take classes and simulations showing the dangers of not paying attention while driving. Emphasizing the potential consequences could help a young generation of drivers make better choices from the start.

Keep Asking, “Does Arizona Do Enough To Prevent Distracted Driving?”

Distracted driving can cause serious car accidents.

While leaders have made progress in making the roads safer, it’s clear more needs to happen to protect good drivers and to stop distracted ones from hurting others. The action starts with the public. People should stay aware of what their representatives are doing and advocate for the changes they want to see, which may include tougher distracted driving laws.

Distracted driving is a dangerous problem for people all over Arizona, so it makes sense to wonder what’s happening to stop this practice. As you ask “Does Arizona Do Enough To Prevent Distracted Driving?” and push for change, protect yourself in case you become a victim of a distracted driver. Contact the team of Phoenix injury lawyers at Sargon Law Group to get the help you need after a crash.