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After a life-changing car accident, you could find yourself visiting more doctors than you can count to find relief from nagging back pain. Your auto insurance may cover some or all of your car’s repairs, but what about your physical and mental pain following the accident?

While a physician will be able to facilitate your spinal recovery, a Phoenix auto accident lawyer can help you determine how to obtain the funds to cover the cost of your pain and suffering. Learn more about slipped disc car accident compensation to cover the cost of your medical treatment and more.

How Much Can You Expect From a Slipped Disc Car Accident Compensation?

The compensation you can receive after a car accident varies depending on how severe your injury is and how long your doctor expects you to spend in recovery. For example, if you sustained three herniated discs in your neck that caused loss of feeling in your arms or paralysis, you may receive more compensation than if you had one herniated disc in your lower back that caused moderate pain.

Arizona is an “at-fault” state, which means that the person that caused the accident must pay for the associated damage. However, you may have to share the fault with the other driver depending on what happened during your accident. Assuming that the other driver was 100% at fault, your medical treatment cost $30,000, and you missed four months of work and a salary of $40,000 during this time, you may be eligible for compensation in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Slipped disc car accident compensation is highly variable and depends on your case.

If you think your disc injury is not worthy of compensation, you may learn otherwise upon visiting an attorney and establishing your case. For this reason, it’s important to thoroughly document your initial injury, as well as your healing progress. You will want to collect medical records and notes from your physician and any other professionals you work with, such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, and pain management specialists.

When Does a Slipped Disc Become a Legal Issue?

According to the Mayo Clinic, herniated discs are common — and some of these injuries do not cause noticeable symptoms. Many disc problems, though, cause serious pain and disruption to the sufferer’s everyday life. If you sustained a spinal injury after being in a car accident, use the following points to determine when it’s time to seek legal help to obtain slipped disc car accident compensation:

  • You’re positive that the car accident caused your injury.
  • The car accident that caused the injury was the other driver’s fault (and perhaps you’ve already received help from your auto insurance to cover the damage to your car).
  • Your injury is causing problems for you in everyday life.
  • You need compensation for your injury to pay your outstanding medical bills.

Slipped Disc Car Accident Compensation Assistance in Maricopa County, AZ

After an injury in a car accident in or near Maricopa, Arizona, don’t wait to seek treatment for your injury — or slipped disc car accident compensation from the at-fault driver. Contact Sargon Law Group in either English or Spanish to request your free consultation today.