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Car crashes are among the most dangerous, common, and costly accidents encountered in everyday life. A 2021 report from the Arizona Department of Transportation calculated that motor vehicle accidents cost the state $20 billion per year in economic losses. These losses include medical bills, totaled cars, and time away from work due to injuries. After a major collision, you may ask: If someone cuts you off who is at fault? There are several legal avenues for proving fault in a car accident in Arizona.

In Arizona, If Someone Cuts You Off Who Is at Fault for the Accident?

Cutting someone off in traffic can be considered negligent driving, which would make the offending driver at fault. Failing to signal and check for cars before changing lanes is a traffic violation. Speeding can also be considered negligence, along with other reckless driving behaviors such as road rage or driving under the influence.

Arizona is an at-fault state for car accidents. This means the driver determined to be at fault can be made to pay the other party for property damage, missed work, and medical bills. Even in an at-fault state, you should submit a claim to your insurance company immediately after the incident. The driver found responsible will typically have to pay your insurance company what they initially paid you.

The action of cutting a car off must cause a crash for the driver to be considered at fault. If someone cutting a driver off triggered a road rage episode and that driver then caused an accident by driving aggressively, that driver would be considered at fault.

How Can You Prove in Court That Someone Cut You Off and Caused an Accident?

The true answer to “If someone cuts you off who is at fault?” is determined in court. An experienced car accident attorney can help you prove that the other driver showed negligence. Several forms of evidence can support your case, including:

  • Pictures and video from the scene of the accident
  • Damage patterns on the vehicles
  • Witness testimony
  • Breathalyzer tests or other signs of reckless driving

Taking pictures and video at the scene of the crash can help clarify what happened. (Be sure to notify the police and care for injured parties first.) In most cases, the evidence makes it fairly obvious which driver was changing lanes.

Arizona Revised Statutes 28-729 states that drivers must not change lanes until they have determined that they can do so safely. This typically includes signaling a lane change, checking that the lane is clear, and merging at a similar speed to the flow of traffic. A driver who cuts someone off does not take any of these precautions and would usually be found at fault.

Where Can You Find an Attorney To Prove Fault When Someone Cuts You Off? 

If you are wondering if someone cuts you off who is at fault, speak to an attorney right away. At Sargon Law Group, our experienced lawyers can guide you through the process of recouping damages from a car accident. Contact us for a free consultation.