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Sustaining injuries or property damage in a car accident often puts individuals in a precarious position financially. Victims must have a way to recover compensation from the at-fault party, and securing the correct amount of compensation can be challenging. Here, our Phoenix car accident lawyer discusses some of the mistakes that car accident victims in Arizona should avoid as they work to recover compensation through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Not Calling an Attorney

One of the biggest mistakes individuals can make after a vehicle accident is not speaking to an attorney. No, not every single accident will require assistance from a lawyer, but many do. Unfortunately, crash victims often hesitate to reach out to an attorney, sometimes thinking that either they can’t afford it or that the incident doesn’t need legal assistance.

When you work with an experienced personal injury attorney in Phoenix, they will be your advocate throughout the entire case. An attorney will take over all communication with other parties and handle any negotiations related to the claim. Most car accident lawyers will offer free initial consultations, so you should at least reach out and speak to an attorney about your particular situation.

Speaking Too Much With an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Yes, you will likely have to speak to an insurance claims adjuster at some point after the incident occurs. However, you need to limit your conversation. Insurance claims adjusters are very good at their jobs, and their job is to pay as little as possible for your particular claim. Even though they may seem friendly, we promise you that they are not on your side.

Refer any claims adjuster that calls to your attorney if you have one. If you do speak with the claims adjuster, stick with the facts of the case. Do not veer off into any type of side conversation.

Getting on Social Media

Social media has become a fabric of our society, so it is not uncommon to immediately jump on various platforms to post about the things that occur in our lives. However, we encourage all car accident victims to refrain from posting anything about the incident online. This includes posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), Threads, TikTok, and other related sites. 

Not only do we encourage not posting about the incident or the recovery process, but we also encourage individuals to remain dark on social media while their case is ongoing. Insurance claims adjusters and legal teams for the other party could use anything you post online against you. Seemingly monotonous details could be used to limit how much compensation you get paid, including posts about going to the grocery store (if you are injured after a car accident, a claims adjuster may question how you are able to grocery shop). 

Discontinuing Medical Care

We strongly encourage all car accident victims to continue any medical treatments recommended by their healthcare professionals. It is not uncommon for individuals to want to stop going to the doctor when they start to feel better, but discontinuing care against a doctor’s recommendation could pose challenges for an injury claim. Insurance claims adjusters or legal teams for the other party could use the discontinuation of care as an excuse to limit compensation amounts or deny the claim altogether.