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Head-on collisions in Arizona can lead to major injuries and significant property damage, and these incidents can occur in a variety of ways. As we explore some of the common causes of head-on accidents, we encourage any injury victim harmed by the negligence of another driver to reach out to a Phoenix personal injury attorney for help as soon as possible.

head on car accidents

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving collisions are not uncommon and can certainly lead to head-on accidents. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, we can see that some of the main types of distractions that affect drivers in this state include using a handheld or hands-free device, manually operating an electronic device, eating or drinking inside the vehicle, and talking to others inside the vehicle. 

When drivers focus their attention elsewhere, either by taking their mind off driving, eyes off the road, or hands off the wheel, this significantly increases the chance that they will come face to face with another vehicle on the roadway. Distracted driving increases the chances that a driver will make a mistake, including pointing their vehicle down the wrong side of the roadway or failing to stop at a stop sign or stop light.

Impaired Driving

Data from the Arizona DOT shows that alcohol-related collisions are a significant contributor to traffic collision injuries and fatalities each year in Arizona. Just like distracted driving, the effects of alcohol impairment (as well as impairment by illegal or prescription narcotics) can increase the chances that an accident will occur, including a head-on collision. According to the NHTSA, alcohol and drug impairment can affect a driver’s judgment, vision, reaction time, and color distinction.

Intersection Incidents

Intersections are always interesting areas in and around the Phoenix area. As most seasoned Phoenix drivers know well, there are several dangerous intersections throughout the city. Intersections are where vehicles come together from multiple different directions and mix with pedestrians, bicyclists, and all sorts of other regular distractions. Unfortunately, these are also areas where head-on collisions are more likely to occur, either from individuals turning down the wrong way of the street, drivers failing to stop at stop signs or stop lights, or just general traffic confusion.

Common Head-On Collision Injuries

Unfortunately, head-on collisions often result in significant injuries for those involved. Some of the most common head-on collision injuries that occur include traumatic brain injuries or concussions, spinal cord injuries, fractured or dislocated bones, and even internal organ trauma.

Working With a Car Accident Lawyer

If you or somebody you care about has been injured in a head-on collision caused by the actions of another driver, we encourage you to reach out to an attorney immediately. A car accident lawyer in Phoenix can examine the facts of your case and help you decide what steps to take next. This may include filing an insurance claim against another driver or even filing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. You deserve compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage expenses, and pain and suffering.