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Accidents involving larger commercial vehicles often result in major injuries for drivers in the state of Arizona. There are various types of accidents that can occur involving these larger vehicles, particularly semi-trucks. Here, our Phoenix truck accident attorneys discuss some of the most dangerous types of truck accidents that can affect drivers throughout our state.

Jackknife Accidents

A Jackknife accident occurs when the front of the vehicle (the area where the engine and driver are located) folds to form a 90-degree angle with the trailer portion of the vehicle. Often, this is described as looking similar to a partially opened pocket knife. Jackknife incidents occur when the back of the vehicle ends up going too fast for the front, often caused by the truck driver slamming the brakes too hard and too quickly. 

Rollover Incidents

Rollover accidents can be incredibly devastating for all individuals on the roadway, and these incidents can lead to major traffic delays caused by roadway blockages. Drivers can lose control of trucks in a variety of ways, including driver error and hazardous roadway conditions. 

Tire Blowouts

Commercial vehicle tires get placed under major stresses during everyday operation, and a blowout could lead to a truck driver losing control of the vehicle. Truck tire blowouts happen regularly, though they do not always lead to the truck causing an accident itself. Sometimes, Accidents occur as a result of the tire striking vehicles on the roadway.

Wide Turn Accidents

Larger commercial vehicles typically need more room to turn, particularly when making a right-hand turn. It is not uncommon for large truck drivers to swing the vehicle to the left before making a right turn so they can properly clear obstacles on their right side. When a truck driver swings to the left, this can pose risks to vehicles inside the driver’s blind spots, as well as those approaching the vehicle from the rear.

Blindspot Collisions

Commercial trucks all have larger blind spots than traditional passenger vehicles. These blind spots run along both sides of the truck as well as directly in front of and behind the vehicle. A general rule of thumb our experienced personal injury attorneys in Phoenix suggest is that if you cannot see the truck driver in their own mirrors, then the truck driver likely cannot see you.

Rear-End Accident

Commercial truck rear-end accidents can occur if a driver follows other vehicles too closely on the roadway. Commercial truck drivers should remain far enough back from other vehicles on the roadway to give themselves time to stop should an unexpected situation arise. Additionally, drivers of smaller passenger vehicles need to take steps to avoid operating their vehicles right in front of commercial trucks.

Underride Accidents

Underride accidents can be very deadly for smaller passenger vehicles. These incidents occur when smaller vehicles ride up under the larger commercial truck, often leading to a “shearing” off of the top part of the smaller vehicle as it slides under the truck.

Cargo Incidents

Improperly loaded cargo on a commercial vehicle can lead to significant accidents. For open-bed trucks, cargo could fall into the roadway and cause accidents. However, improperly loaded cargo can also pose a risk to enclosed trailers, particularly if it throws off the vehicle’s weight balance.