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Imagine you’re driving down the road and see signs saying there is road work ahead. As you navigate the shifting lanes and detours, something goes wrong and your car collides with something.

A check of the Maricopa County website shows that there are plenty of road projects underway at any given time, so a crash is very possible any day or season. Having a construction zone accident attorney can protect your interests after an accident.

When To Call a Construction Zone Accident Attorney

Every car accident is stressful, but wrecks in construction zones can become extra complicated. There are more factors that could have led to the crash, such as uneven pavement, unequal lanes, sudden slowdowns and construction equipment.

If another driver causes a crash, a lawyer can help you prove their liability. Construction zone attorneys know to analyze signage, lane spacing and other factors to show how the at-fault driver could have avoided the wreck.

Crashes Involving Construction Workers or Equipment

Many crashes near road work involve construction equipment or road crew members. These scenarios may force you to deal with a government entity to get compensation, making the process even harder. This is definitely a circumstance when you will want the expertise of a construction zone accident attorney.

There are a few different instances that could lead to an accident involving construction zone workers. Often, road crews have to drive large equipment across lanes of traffic or alongside traffic. If they hit a driver who was following the rules of the construction zone, the worker and organization responsible for the road project may be liable.

Work zones also have loose gravel and debris that could hit your car, damage windows or cause you to crash. You may have a legal claim if the site was poorly maintained.

A lawyer can be a big help in understanding a municipality’s compensation policies and guide you in deciding if the injury or damage from the crash merits a lawsuit. City legal departments are well-staffed, so it’s not advisable to take them on alone.

Road workers themselves may also need help from an attorney. Too often, drivers do not pay careful attention in work zones, putting construction crew members at risk. The threat is even greater when workers are setting up or clearing construction zones because drivers may not realize that there are people walking on a busy road.

An injury to a road construction worker can be devastating, leaving that person without the physical ability to continue in their line of work. A lawyer can work to get the resources you need to deal with the potential long-term loss of income that happens when you are forced out of your career by a disability.

Don’t Wait To Get a Construction Zone Accident Attorney

Time is always essential when you are taking legal action after a crash anywhere, but especially in a construction zone. The sooner your lawyer starts working on your case, the sooner they can talk to witnesses, workers and others who can help your case.

A construction zone accident attorney can make your life easier, so call the team at Sargon Law Group today.