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With over 4.5 million dog bites occurring nationwide, it is easy to see why dog bite injuries are among the most common personal injuries in the country. Arizona is one of the leading states for reporting these injuries, with just under 400 claims each year. As specialists in the personal injury field, Sargon Law Group has the right dog bite attorney for your claim if you choose to pursue it.  

Depending on the injury and the expense, a lawsuit is often advisable. Dog bite injuries can reach tens of thousands of dollars in damages, and neither the victim nor their insurance company should foot the bill. While personal injury claims are civil claims, there are a few reasons you should hire an experienced dog bite attorney in Glendale, Arizona.  

1. A Dog Bite Attorney Has Legal Knowledge

When is the last time your reviewed dog bite case law or the statute of limitations for such injuries in Arizona? Most people do not take the time to read state and federal laws; it is not what you would call fun or relaxing Sunday afternoon activities, at least not for most folks.  

However, we are not most people; we are lawyers. To us, the law is ingrained in our personalities. We spent years fine-tuning our understanding of the written law and the merits of various cases and arguments. Our education is your asset. 

2. A Dog Bite Attorney Has Experience and Resources

Beyond the classroom, our team has experience in the courtroom and around the negotiating table. No victim should hire an attorney or law firm that cannot demonstrate versatile expertise. Still, this background only gets you so far without the resources to back up your claims and investigate events. 

While it might not seem like it, negotiation is different from a trial. Both activities require knowledge and familiarity, but the finesse used in each situation is unique. During negotiations, you want to create rapport, developing a relationship of understanding. During a trial, however, it is about debate and the dismantling of opposing claims with vigor and skill. You cannot perform either task efficiently without experience and resources. 

3. A Dog Bite Attorney Has Negotiation Skills

Most personal injury claims, including dog bite injuries, are settled outside of a courtroom. Settlements are beneficial to both the plaintiff and defendant. However, an attorney is vital to securing the most lucrative offer. 

Because most victims do not understand the laws surrounding their claim or the potential medical expenses, they tend to settle too quickly without pushing back or countering initial offers. Remember, an insurance company wants to pay as little as possible, and they will attempt to convince you that less is the most you can expect. 

An experienced attorney knows the value of a claim. They know the average costs of medical care. When working with a knowledgeable lawyer, you can expect a fair analysis of offers and intense negotiations to improve the final settlement. 

Were you recently injured in a dog attack? Are you looking for a dog bite attorney in the great state of Arizona? Look no further than Sargon Law Group. Our team of experienced Glendale personal injury attorneys will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today.