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People in Phoenix often joke that there seems to be a crash on the highway every day. However, this might not be an exaggeration. Sources estimate that Phoenix gets roughly 30,000 crashes per year, which amounts to about 85 crashes per day. The chances are that a significant portion of the population will experience an accident at some point. Should you call Phoenix accident attorneys if it happens to you? What are the pros and cons of doing so?

What Are Phoenix Accident Attorneys?

When it comes to personal injury law, attorneys have increasingly diverse practice areas. This has made “accident attorney” a vague description that you may need to investigate more closely before making a choice. For example, some attorneys only handle car accidents. Others might include workplace accidents, public transportation and other less common areas. Ensure the attorney you choose has experience in the field you need assistance with.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Phoenix Accident Attorneys?

No matter how minor a case might seem at first, speaking to an attorney is the only way to confirm what your options truly are. Guilty employers, sympathetic police officers, and greedy insurance companies can often talk down the severity of the accident or make you feel unwilling to pursue what you know your case is worth. An attorney can point you in the right direction.

Here are some additional benefits of working with an experienced Phoenix accident attorney:

  • Your attorney can handle all the paperwork and legwork while you focus on recovering from your injuries.
  • If you made it back to work, the attorney can handle all the work while you focus on getting your life back on track.
  • Negligent parties know they can no longer attempt to take advantage of you when an experienced professional is on the case.
  • The negligent or liable party will likely hire representation, so doing the same helps to level the playing field.
  • Knowledge, experience and negotiation skills increase the likelihood of attorneys securing better settlements or verdicts than you could on your own.
  • Personal injury attorneys usually do not charge a fee until they recover compensation, so the financial risk is low to nonexistent.

What Are the Disadvantages of Hiring Phoenix Accident Attorneys?

Some people might say the eventual legal fees reclaimed from damages are the downside of hiring accident attorneys. However, studies show that, even when accounting for legal fees, injured persons with attorneys tend to receive more money for their cases than those who chose to go it alone. There are several reasons for this:

  • An experienced attorney can present a convincing enough case that might lead to punitive damages, which are meant to punish negligent parties.
  • The settlement amount or verdict usually accounts for the fact that you will pay legal fees from the final amount.
  • Time is money, and attorneys usually get compensation faster than you could have done while balancing multiple tasks, such as recovery, rehabilitation and finding another job.

At Sargon Law Group, our Phoenix accident attorneys handle a wide range of cases involving motor vehicles on land and water. We also handle workplace accidents, construction accidents and animal bites. Contact our team for a free case review today. We charge nothing unless and until we win your case.