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If a commercial truck overturns into a rollover incident, this can lead to major roadway devastation. Collisions with other vehicles on the roadway can lead to significant injuries and major property damage. However, what causes commercial truck rollover accidents?

causes of truck rollover accidents

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Rollover Incidents

Larger commercial trucks are more susceptible to rollover accidents. The center of gravity on these vehicles can be difficult to pinpoint due to the odd shape and tremendous weight of the vehicle. Additionally, different types of commercial trucks will have different center of gravity locations. For example, a semi-truck with an attached trailer will have a different center of gravity than a dump truck. Whether a truck is loaded with cargo and what type of cargo can also impact the center of gravity. Commercial trucks with a higher center of gravity are more susceptible to rollovers.

We can examine the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) posted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and see that some of the most common causes of rollover accidents include the following:

  • Speeding. Operating too fast for conditions is dangerous on many levels but significantly increases the chance that a rollover accident will occur, according to the LTCCS. Speeding can lead to rollover accidents if a driver:
    • Travels too fast going into curves
    • Travels too fast at sharp turns
    • Fails to comply with speed limits or warnings
    • Fails to slow down to adjust for additional weight, height, or stability issues
    • Fails to slow down when there are truck brake issues
    • Fails to adjust for poor roadway conditions or heavy traffic
  • Driver and attention. Driver inattention is a major cause of commercial truck accidents, including rollover incidents. Drivers who lose focus on the roadway in front of the truck become unable to maneuver quickly enough to avoid a rollover accident. Drivers who are drowsy or distracted by something else in the vehicle pose significant threats to everyone around them.
  • Losing control of the truck. There are times when a truck driver can partially or completely lose control of a truck. This can be due to a number of variables, including inclement weather, roadway hazards, or other vehicles on the roadway causing obstacles.
  • Failing to check intersections. Some truck rollover accidents can occur because commercial truck drivers aren’t able to adequately scan the roadway, particularly in and around intersections. These are areas where commercial trucks are more likely to come into contact with other vehicles on the road, and failing to check intersections could lead to an “angle” crash that pushes a truck over on its side. 
  • Poor truck maintenance. Drivers are required to perform inspections before they operate the vehicle each day, and truck owners and operators are required to perform regular inspections to ensure the vehicle operates properly. Failing to perform regular inspections and maintenance could lead to disasters on the roadway if the vehicle for any part of the vehicle fails.

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If you or somebody you care about has been injured in a commercial truck rollover accident, we encourage you to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. A skilled Phoenix truck accident lawyer can get involved quickly and help examine the facts of your case. If a specialized personal injury attorney in Phoenix takes your claim, they will conduct a complete investigation into the incident, handle all communication with other parties, and work to recover the compensation you need.