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Having a car accident is a nerve-wracking experience. It can be especially frustrating if you are not the driver who caused it. Knowing who is at fault in a left turn accident is the first step in understanding your rights and responsibilities on the road.

Arizona Traffic Law: Who Is at Fault in a Left Turn Accident?

Knowing the rules of the road is the responsibility of every driver. Many traffic laws vary by state. When you’re driving in Maricopa County (or anywhere in Arizona), it is only legal to make a left turn in certain circumstances:

  • When there is no one coming from the other direction at a green light or a regular intersection
  • When you have a green arrow light
  • When you are on a one-way street turning onto another one-way street

Most people know they can turn right on a red light if the coast is clear. However, the only time this is legal for a left turn is when you are turning from a one-way street onto another one-way street. Even then, if someone hits you in the middle of your turn, the left turn accident may still be your fault.

The Next Steps: What Should You Do When You’re in an Accident in Arizona? 

If you are involved in a wreck, the first thing to remember is to stay calm. Make sure everyone is OK, and get out of the flow of traffic as well as you can. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver, and call the police so that an official report can be filed. This will be useful when you talk to your Phoenix personal injury lawyer about who is at fault in a left turn accident or need to file an insurance claim.

Your Rights: What Do You Do After an Accident?

It’s a good idea to hire a Phoenix car accident attorney when you have a car accident, even if the damage seems minor. The other driver may have seemed reasonable at the scene of the wreck, but insurance companies try to get away with paying as little as possible, even if their client is at fault. You may also have sustained injuries in the accident that surface later after the shock has worn off, and you don’t deserve to have to pay those medical bills out of pocket.

Whether you live in Glendale, Mesa, or any other city in Maricopa County, a legal team based in Phoenix can review the facts and advise you on how to win a left turn accident case. If you are injured in a wreck due to the other driver’s negligence, you need an experienced lawyer who can prove that he or she is at fault. The legal team at Sargon Law Group can also assist you in filing claims for both economic and non-economic damages.

Call an Attorney: Who Is at Fault in a Left Turn Accident?

If you are involved in a car wreck, it helps to have someone who is familiar with Arizona traffic law on your side. The Sargon Law Group offers a free consultation to see who is at fault in a left turn accident. Contact us today to set up an appointment.