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As self-driving cars begin to hit Arizona roadways more and more, the reality of self-driving vehicle accidents affecting Arizona residents and visitors becomes more likely. The aftermath of any vehicle accident can be a confusing experience, and this is certainly going to remain true, even more so after an accident with a self-driving vehicle. Here, our specialized Phoenix car accident attorneys discuss steps you can take to help preserve the integrity of your injury or property damage claim against another party.

what to do after a self driving car accident

1. Seek Medical Care Right Away

Any person involved in an accident with a self-driving vehicle should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and this could mean taking an ambulance from the scene of the incident to the emergency room. However, even if the injuries do not seem very severe, we encourage you to go to the emergency room for an evaluation. Sometimes, the signs and symptoms of car accident injuries are delayed, and seeking prompt medical care ensures your well-being is the priority.

2. Make Sure the Police Come to the Scene

The police should come to the scene of a self-driving vehicle accident in Arizona. The vast majority of vehicle accidents that occur in this state must be reported anyway, and the police will conduct a preliminary investigation in order to fill out the accident report. You will need the accident report to move forward with any insurance claim.

3. Gather Evidence if Possible

You may be able to gather some evidence at the scene of the incident. If you are able to do so, you can use a phone or another device to take photographs or video surveillance footage of everything at the scene, including property damage, injuries, debris scattered around, traffic and weather patterns, and more. Any eyewitnesses to the self-driving vehicle accident could provide valuable information for your claim, so we encourage you to get the names and contact information of these individuals.

4. Report the Incident to Your Insurance

You need to contact your personal insurance carrier to let them know the incident occurred, but do not give too much information away when you make your initial report. Your carrier needs to know that the incident happened, as well as the contact information of other parties involved. Let your insurance carrier know that you are seeking medical treatment for your injuries and that further communication should occur with your attorney, not you.

5. Call an Attorney for Help

Please reach out to an Arizona self-driving car accident attorney immediately after the incident occurs. Accidents involving these vehicles will likely occur more and more, particularly as companies expand testing and as legislation allows these vehicles on the roadways. You need an attorney with experience handling these specific types of cases. You want to go up against insurance carriers and at-fault parties with the best possible chance of recovering compensation, and having an attorney by your side can help.

6. Continue Your Medical Care

Please continue all medical treatments recommended by your healthcare professionals. Any early discontinuation of care could be taken as a sign by the insurance carriers or an at-fault party that your injuries are not as severe as previously stated.