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Car accidents are a common source of sprains. Hand injuries are especially debilitating because you need your hands for basic tasks such as writing and cooking. If a negligent driver caused your injury, you might become eligible for a wrist sprain car accident settlement. Consult a Phoenix car accident lawyer to get specific advice for your case.

Wrist Sprain Car Accident Settlement Amount

It’s natural to wonder how much you could receive for your hand injury after an accident, but there is no easy answer. It depends on the details of your case. Wrist injuries can result in settlement amounts of $2,885 to $116,049. This estimate includes settlements for broken wrists. Courts generally consider sprains less serious, so you might receive a settlement that falls in the middle to lower tiers of that range.

Negligence also affects the payment received. Some people escape serious crashes with minor injuries by sheer luck. The vehicles could be completely totaled or maybe flipped several times. The court may award a higher settlement if the at-fault driver showed gross negligence or reckless behavior. Most cases settle out of court, so the insurance company might recognize the potential bias against its client and pay accordingly.

How To Pursue Compensation After a Sprained Wrist in Car Accident

Every accident differs, so only your Phoenix personal injury lawyer can create detailed steps for you and estimate your wrist sprain car accident settlement. However, most cases move through these four steps.

1. Gather Evidence

Documenting the severity of your sprained wrist and the circumstances of the accident significantly strengthens your claim. Take pictures of your injuries and the accident scene as soon as possible. If you can’t, ask someone else to do so. Confirm his or her contact information so you can get the footage. Also, collect witness testimonies and police reports.

2. Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t feel injured after an accident, seek medical care. Accidents at lower speeds can still cause injuries. Sprains and more serious injuries can take a while to develop. However, if you decline medical treatment, that often goes on record. You could become partially liable if you discover a sprain later.

3. Hire an Experienced Attorney

Legal proceedings can feel overwhelming, and the paperwork is confusing. Working with a professional can give you peace of mind. Lawyers provide advice, help defend your rights, negotiate with insurance companies, and work hard to get you a fair settlement.

4. File Your Claim 

Lastly, file your claim against the at-fault party. Arizona’s statute of limitations is two years from the accident date, but filing early can help you preserve evidence. Your claim should stick to the facts and thoroughly describe the accident and your injuries. Hire a lawyer to handle the paperwork and negotiate on your behalf.

Your Wrist Sprain Car Accident Settlement Lawyers

Our team at Sargon Law Group fights hard to protect the rights and compensation of our Arizona clients. Our commitment to justice has helped us recover millions of dollars for our clients. This includes a $6 million settlement for a motorcyclist struck by an SUV and $1 million for a pedestrian struck by a careless driver.

How much could we get for your wrist sprain car accident settlement? Schedule your free consultation today to find out.