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If you or somebody you love has been injured or sustained property damage in a car accident, Sargon Law Group is ready to help. Our Peoria car accident lawyer can offer you a free consultation and help determine the best steps forward for your particular claim. Our goal is to recover the compensation you need from the insurance carriers and the at-fault party.

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  • At Sargon Law Group, our team firmly believes in holding at-fault drivers and aggressive insurance carriers accountable.
  • We have decades of combined legal experience handling insurance claims throughout Arizona, and we have the resources needed to investigate every aspect of your case.
  • Because we handle car accident cases in Peoria on a contingency fee basis, clients never worry about paying legal fees until after we recover compensation for their losses.

In Peoria, Sargon Law Group offers comprehensive legal assistance not only for personal injury cases, but also for truck accidents, wrongful death cases, traumatic brain injuries, and motorcycle accidents.

Who Will Be Liable After a Peoria Car Accident?

Liability can be challenging to determine after a car accident in Peoria. It is not uncommon for collisions to be caused by the negligent actions of one or more drivers, but proving negligence is not always easy. Our team will work diligently to obtain various types of evidence from the scene of the incident, including any photographs taken by the parties present, video surveillance from any cameras nearby, statements from eyewitnesses, and information from police reports.

Additionally, determining liability may involve uncovering additional types of evidence in the days and weeks that follow the incident. This can include data from a vehicle black box recorder, mobile device data, the outcome of any criminal charges associated with the incident, and more. 

Types of Compensation Available for Your Claim

Our team works diligently to recover both “special” and “general” damages. You may often hear these referred to as economic and non-economic damages.

Special damages involve the calculable expenses that a Peoria car accident victim will likely incur. This can include medical bills, lost wages, property damage expenses, rental vehicle expenses, and various other out-of-pocket losses caused by the incident.

General damages revolve around more intangible types of losses a crash victim will likely incur. This includes things like physical pain and suffering, emotional and psychological trauma, as well as loss of quality of life. There are various methods used to calculate these more intangible losses to help ensure individuals recover fair compensation for what happened.

Time Limit for Filing a Claim

Car accident victims anywhere in the state of Arizona must file their claim against the other party within two years from the date the injury occurs. Failing to abide by this personal injury statute of limitations will usually result in the victim becoming unable to recover compensation for their losses.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident caused by the negligent actions of another driver in the Peoria, Arizona, area, reach out to the team at Sargon Law Group for help today. We will not hesitate to represent you every step of the way, including in front of a jury if necessary. Let us help you recover the compensation you need to get through this. You can contact our Peoria car accident lawyer for a free consultation by filling out our contact form or calling us at (623) 225-5635.