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Understanding What Evidence Is Needed To Convict a Hit and Run in AZ

According to a report from the Arizona Department of Transportation, the state experienced over 16,000 hit-and-run accidents in 2021, resulting in almost 4,000 injuries and 90 fatalities. The statistic is infuriating and terrifying, especially for pedestrians and cyclists, the two most likely victims of this type of accident. Faced with these numbers, Arizonians are...
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A Car Hit Me While I Was Turning Left

A Car Hit Me While I Was Turning Left: What Do I Do Next?

If a car hit you while you were turning left, you may wonder which driver was at fault. Did you do something wrong, or did the other driver break the law? Learn more about why this legal situation can be difficult to navigate. A Car Hit You While You Were Turning Left: Arizona's Right...
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Do you know what to do after an accident?

7 Steps for What To Do After an Accident

Nobody plans on having an accident, but people sustain injuries because of them every day. Hopefully, this won’t happen to you, but knowing what to do after an accident is essential in case it does. You can file personal injury claims for many kinds of accidents if someone else causes them. In these cases,...
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What is the Good Samaritan law in Arizona?

The Arizona Good Samaritan Law Explained

Who maintains responsibility for helping if a person gets hurt or experiences an emergency that requires medical care in a public place? In the media, a well-meaning doctor, nurse, or ambulance driver may arrive just in time to provide appropriate care and is hailed as the hero of the day. In real life, this...
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Are ATVs street legal?

Are ATVs Street Legal in Arizona?

All-terrain vehicles have been a fun way to get around since the 1960s. However, since they are not traditional automobiles, are ATVs street legal in Arizona? The answer makes a difference. If you or a loved one gets hurt on an ATV, the liable party may try to argue that you were operating the vehicle...
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Rollover accident lawyer

A Quick Guide to Working With a Rollover Accident Lawyer

Any motor vehicle collision you’re in can be a frightening ordeal, but few are as dangerous and unsettling as a rollover accident. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uncovered that 30% of passenger vehicle fatalities occur in rollovers. After such a harrowing experience, how can you recover what you need to get...
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Not-at-fault accident in a rental car

7 Steps To Take Following a Not-At-Fault Accident in a Rental Car

It’s hard enough when someone hits your own car, but getting into a crash in a rental raises other concerns. Unfortunately, your odds of having an accident might increase in a rental, as Claims Journal reports that these vehicles experience a higher collision rate than non-rentals. As with other mishaps, you have the right...
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Why Is My Car Accident Settlement Taking So Long?

Why Is My Car Accident Settlement Taking So Long?

If you were in a collision that resulted in property and bodily damage that you have yet to receive compensation for, you are likely wondering why your car accident settlement is taking so long. Naturally, you want your expenses paid sooner than later, but multiple factors are at play in a car accident case....
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if someone rear-ends you whose insurance do you call

If Someone Rear-Ends You, Whose Insurance Do You Call?

There are many things to take care of immediately following an accident. Getting in touch with the right people after a crash is important, as many factors are involved. Contacting the insurance company expedites the claim process, and you receive guidance on how to proceed immediately after the collision. So if someone rear-ends you,...
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What do you do when at-fault driver's insurance won't pay?

What To Do When the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Won’t Pay

Car accidents injure one person in Arizona every 10 minutes, costing the state's residents more than $20 billion in economic losses. Arizona law requires people who cause car accidents to pay their share of the damages, but what can you do when an at-fault driver's insurance won't pay? What Are Your Options When the At-Fault Driver's...
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