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Is brake checking illegal?

Is Brake Checking Illegal in Arizona?

You’ve likely seen drivers tap or even slam on their brakes to express frustration to a vehicle behind them. These individuals may even operate under the assumption that a rear-end collision is always legally the fault of the rear driver. However, that raises the question: Is brake checking illegal, and who is liable for...
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What to do after an ATV accident.

What To Do After an ATV Accident in Arizona

The natural beauty of the Arizona desert makes it a popular destination for recreational users of all-terrain vehicles. The freedom to venture off-road without the restrictions of riding on public highways is part of the appeal of riding an ATV. Unfortunately, that freedom comes with a price. According to a 2022 United States Consumer...
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What is the average payout for a T-bone accident?

What Is the Average Payout for a T-Bone Accident in Arizona?

The average payout for a T-bone accident ranges from around $5,000 for cases involving minor injuries to more than $200,000 for crashes with more severe injuries. However, this figure varies greatly based on a variety of factors, and some are harder to quantify than others. The Average Payout for a T-Bone Accident Depends on...
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A Car Hit Me While I Was Turning Left

A Car Hit Me While I Was Turning Left: What Do I Do Next?

If a car hit you while you were turning left, you may wonder which driver was at fault. Did you do something wrong, or did the other driver break the law? Learn more about why this legal situation can be difficult to navigate. A Car Hit You While You Were Turning Left: Arizona's Right...
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What if a car sped up and hit me while merging? Here's what to do.

A Car Sped Up and Hit Me While Merging: What To Do Next

When a vehicle attempts to merge onto a freeway or other busy street, it should match the speed of existing traffic and yield the right-of-way to vehicles already on the highway. If a car sped up and hit you while merging, it might not be immediately apparent what to do next. At Sargon Law...
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Who has the right of way at a four-way stop?

Who Has the Right of Way at a Four-Way Stop in Arizona?

Violations of traffic laws put drivers, pedestrians, and other people on the roads at higher risk of injuries due to accidents. In 2022, drivers' failure to yield the right of way caused over 21,700 traffic accidents, resulting in 132 deaths and more than 7,800 injuries. Four-way intersections are among the most common locations for...
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It's good to know what to do when you get rear-ended.

What To Do When You Get Rear-Ended

If another vehicle runs into you from behind, you may be wondering what to do when you get rear-ended. Almost 40% of all crashes in Arizona are rear-end accidents, and some of these collisions are serious. Injuries sustained from rear-end accidents can be long-lasting and lead to chronic issues. We can help you get...
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Have you found the best car accident attorney for you?

Have You Found the Best Car Accident Lawyers in Phoenix?

With an average of more than 100,000 car accidents per year resulting in over 40,000 injuries and 1,000 deaths, Arizona residents need access to great lawyers. The potential for financial hardship stemming from auto collisions is too great. Accident victims cannot and should not fight for restitution alone. The best car accident lawyers in...
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There are several common causes of car accidents in Arizona.

What Are the Common Causes of Car Accidents in Arizona?

According to data by the Arizona Department of Transportation, in a recent year, Arizona had over 98,000 vehicle crashes. The best way to prevent an accident is to be mindful of the most common causes of car accidents and avoid any of those activities while driving. 5 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in...
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Are ATVs street legal?

Are ATVs Street Legal in Arizona?

All-terrain vehicles have been a fun way to get around since the 1960s. However, since they are not traditional automobiles, are ATVs street legal in Arizona? The answer makes a difference. If you or a loved one gets hurt on an ATV, the liable party may try to argue that you were operating the vehicle...
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