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When to Hire a Boat Accident Attorney in Arizona

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, over 200 boating accidents occurred in 2020, including 10 fatalities. These statistics put the importance of boater safety into perspective; however, people must acknowledge that accident risks typically include personal and external actions. Many crashes include multiple operators, so hiring a boat accident attorney is beneficial,...
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What should you do in a boating accident?

6 Ways To Keep Everyone Safe After a Boating Accident

According to reports, Arizona is experiencing a surge in watercraft accidents. The dangerous trend is forcing lawmakers to push for better boaters' safety education. While the state urges change, it does not alter the risks of injuries and damages from future accidents. Anyone on the water needs to acknowledge the risks and learn how...
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6 Arizona Boating Laws To Be Aware Of

Boating is a favorite summer pastime for many Arizonans. When you're on the water, though, your safety and the safety of others depend on the smart use of boats and boating equipment. As with traffic and motor vehicle laws, Arizona has laws covering boating that define the most necessary precautions you must take. If...
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