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Should You Consider Suing for Emotional Distress?

There are many things in life that can cause emotional distress. From work to divorce to financial struggles, emotional distress can be costly. It can also directly affect physical health, leading to long-term medical problems. This presents a serious question: Is suing for emotional distress the right choice? Can financial compensation make a difference...
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The 4 Types of Distracted Driving

  Operating a motor vehicle requires you to pay attention at all times. Otherwise, accidents can happen. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers are involved in crashes, and quite often, it is the other driver's fault. Distracted driving is one of Arizona's leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. There are four basic types of distracted...
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Surprising Distracted Driving Statistics 2022

The advent of widespread cell phones brought greater attention to the dangers of driving while distracted. However, mobile devices aren’t the only things that take people’s eyes and mind off the road. Any activity that diverts your attention from driving tasks is distracted driving, including eating, grooming, looking at the passing scenery and talking...
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