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Work zone speed limit when no workers present

What You Should Know About Work Zone Speed Limits When No Workers Are Present

Work zones can frustrate drivers. As soon as you see the orange signs and barrels ahead, you probably want to get through the construction area as quickly as possible — especially when you don't see anyone working. Breaking the work zone speed limit when no workers are present can be tempting. However, the Arizona...
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How Should You Deal With Injuries Caused By a DUI Accident in Arizona?

As it is in most states, it is illegal in Arizona to physically control or drive a vehicle if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It’s possible to get a DUI even if you aren’t driving; if you’re doing anything that can be interpreted as taking physical control of the vehicle,...
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Reviewing the Common Causes of Most Work Zone Crashes and How To Stay Safe

The country must do more to protect workers and motorists in work zones. From 2013 to 2020, work zone fatalities reached a 16-year high, with an increase of 45%. In 2017, the Arizona Department of Transportation reported 1,000 work zone crashes and 17 deaths. Most work zone crashes in Arizona and across the nation...
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