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10 Weird Laws in Arizona

The purpose of laws is to keep society safe and functioning properly. While many laws are simply common sense, and others have been made out of necessity, there are some weird laws in Arizona that most people don't know about. Arizona has laws that definitely take the cake when it comes to strange. Here...
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How Should You Deal With Injuries Caused By a DUI Accident in Arizona?

As it is in most states, it is illegal in Arizona to physically control or drive a vehicle if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It’s possible to get a DUI even if you aren’t driving; if you’re doing anything that can be interpreted as taking physical control of the vehicle,...
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What You Need To Know About the Arizona Move Over Law

It's a busy weekend night, and you're stuck in traffic. Ahead, you notice an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing. The surrounding cars slow to a stop, but there is no other lane to merge into. What should you do in this situation? Learn more about the Arizona Move Over Law, how it affects...
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