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Arizona Drunk Driving Laws

Driving under the influence of alcohol creates incredibly dangerous situations across Arizona roadways. In 2022, we can see that there were more than 5,400 total alcohol-related collisions across the state, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. These incidents led to more than 3,500 injuries, and 223 individuals lost their lives.  Our state has...
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Legal Consequences for Truck Drivers Under the Influence in Arizona

Individuals who operate commercial vehicles are held to a higher standard, including when it comes to operating vehicles under the influence. While the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) level for drivers in regular vehicles is .08%, the limit is half that for drivers operating commercial vehicles - .04%. Working with an experienced Phoenix drunk...
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Common Signs of Drunk Driving

Alcohol-impaired driving is a serious offense that can lead to major injuries and even fatalities, and if you have been affected by a drunk driver, you need to reach out to a drunk driving accident attorney in Phoenix as soon as possible. The Arizona Department of Transportation states that there were more than 5,600...
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