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With an average of more than 100,000 car accidents per year resulting in over 40,000 injuries and 1,000 deaths, Arizona residents need access to great lawyers. The potential for financial hardship stemming from auto collisions is too great. Accident victims cannot and should not fight for restitution alone. The best car accident lawyers in Phoenix offer greater opportunities for successfully receiving compensation.

Too many people try to fight personal injury claims alone, without legal experience. As a victim, you must remember that insurance companies do not fight fair. Big for-profit companies come to settlements with a team of qualified attorneys. If you are going to stand a chance, you need help from the best, but how do you know you have found it?

1. The Best Car Accident Lawyers in Phoenix Have Experience

Have you found the best car accident attorney for you?

All attorneys have some kind of legal experience, but you need a lawyer with the right experience. Personal injury claims are vast, covering everything from medical malpractice to workplace injuries. Each specific claim requires intricate knowledge of the particular industry and law.

As a car accident victim, you want a car accident attorney who knows traffic law. Additionally, you want a legal representative with knowledge of common injuries. Beyond these basics, you need a representative with experience arguing similar claims. A truck driver should look for a lawyer with knowledge of the trucking industry. Victims in rideshare collisions should seek help from lawyers familiar with the complex laws involving such claims. A lawyer experienced with your claim type is better suited to argue your interests.

2. The Best Car Accident Lawyers in Phoenix Have Communication Skills

Many people struggle when seeking legal help because they feel overwhelmed and underprepared. Attorneys are often intimidating characters, despite their best efforts. Some people can feel inadequate when meeting a lawyer because of education barriers. However, know that all attorneys are not judging potential clients. The profession demands empathy. 

The best lawyers possess excellent communication skills. They should be able to explain the law in simple terms and ensure understanding. You will often find attorneys probing for clarifying questions. They want you to ask them for information.

Additionally, the best attorneys should never make a victim feel insignificant. They should have an empathetic ear, showing compassion. The lawyer works for you, and your feelings matter.

3. The Best Car Accident Lawyers in Phoenix Have Trial Experience

The best car accident attorneys have experience.

It is no secret that most personal injury claims settle outside of court. While motor vehicle accident victims are often happy to avoid courtroom drama, they should not fear it. Sometimes a trial is necessary to secure the restitution a client deserves.

Just as clients should not fear a trial, their attorney shouldn’t either. A lawyer should be ready and willing to pursue a trial if settlement negotiations go nowhere. The best way to know if your future attorney is willing to risk a trial is to look at past experience.

The best car accident lawyers in Phoenix have experience, communication skills, and the will to go to trial. Reach out to Sargon Law Group, where we are ready to fight with you for the compensation you deserve.