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Work injuries are not uncommon in Arizona and throughout the rest of the country. In most situations, individuals are able to recover compensation for their medical bills and some lost wages if they are unable to return to work while recovering. Here, our Phoenix worker’s compensation lawyers give a brief overview of the most common types of workplace injuries that lead to a workers’ compensation claim.

Workplace Injuries Are Not Uncommon

It does not matter what type of job you have. Injuries can happen anywhere. Even seemingly safe “office jobs” are not necessarily safe. Individuals can sustain a slip and fall injury in an office just as easily as they can at a construction site. However, there certainly are industries that pose more risks, such as transportation, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.

When we examine information aggregated by the National Safety Council (NSC), we can see that the top causes of work-related injuries and illnesses have shifted slightly over the last few years. Leading the top of the list of injury and illness causes in the workplace is exposure to harmful substances or environments. This was not in the top three causes prior to 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed the workplace landscape when it came to time away from work. Aside from infectious diseases, exposure to harmful substances or environments means a few different things.

Causes of workplace injuries, Arizona worker's compensation lawyer

The Main Causes of Workplace Injuries:

Exposure to Harmful Substances or Environments

This includes exposure to the following:

  • Electricity
  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Air or water pressure changes
  • Noises
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Traumatic or stressful events
  • Harmful substances in the air, water, or ground

Overexertion and Bodily Reaction

This can include non-impact injuries, including physical effort such as lifting, pushing, holding, throwing, or turning. This can also include repetitive motion, such as micro-tasks that put repetitive stress on various parts of the body.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls can occur in any type of work environment and can include falls on the same level, falls from one level to another, and individuals jumping from one level to a lower level. Incidents often include wet floors or mishaps with ladders, scaffolding, and other structures.

Contact with Moving Objects

This can include an individual bumping into or kicking a fixed object, a worker’s body becoming trapped in between a fixed object and a moving object, workers getting caught underneath a collapsing structure or materials, and even injuries caused by vibration. Contact with moving objects can also include workplace vehicle accidents.

What Type of Compensation is Available for an Arizona Work Injury?

Workplace injury victims in Arizona should be able to recover various types of compensation for their injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits will pay for all medical expenses related to the workplace injury, including long-term disability benefits under certain circumstances. Medical compensation includes hospital visits, rehabilitation and physical therapy, all follow-up visits, medications, medical devices, and more.

Workplace injury victims should also be able to recover wage replacement by contacting an Arizona worker’s compensation lawyer if they cannot return to work while they heal. This typically includes payments of up to two-thirds of a person’s average weekly wage.