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Traveling through construction zones around Arizona presents a serious hazard to drivers. In growing cities such as Glendale, Mesa or Peoria, it can seem like the work done on freeways, highways and streets is never-ending. In construction zone accidents, about 80% of fatalities are drivers or their passengers. While there are things to do to avoid getting into a collision, it’s very important to take the following steps if an accident occurs.

Protect Your Case After Construction Zone Accidents

There is a lot going on in a construction zone, potentially causing chaos before or after an accident. If you get into an accident, you need to preserve your health, safety and the integrity of the accident scene. Determining liability for a construction zone is often challenging without supporting documentation or evidence. This is one leading reason why you need to act quickly. You may miss an opportunity to gather the support your injury case needs.

Get Medical Care After an Accident

If you are in an accident, you need to make sure you and your passengers get the right medical attention. For serious injuries, calling 911 brings the paramedics and an ambulance. These services can render life-saving aid on the scene or stabilize a person’s condition while transporting them to a medical facility.

It’s important to seek medical treatment even if you don’t feel hurt. It’s common to ignore or fail to notice any pain related to the accident, as the body releases adrenaline and endorphins after construction zone accidents. This can cause a delay in the onset of injury-related symptoms such as pain. Not feeling anything doesn’t mean injuries didn’t occur. You should still have a physician examine you.

Make sure to act quickly in receiving medical care, as it impacts how successful your personal injury case could be. Although Arizona law allows up to two years to file a personal injury claim, waiting this long could cause doubts about the severity of your injury or the impact that your injury had on your life. By getting medical attention, you start a documentation process that verifies any injuries or symptoms that arise following an accident.

Comply With Legal Standards After Construction Zone Accidents

Notifying local law enforcement in the immediate aftermath of a collision is a legal responsibility that also has an impact on your personal injury case. Law enforcement is under an obligation to file a report within 24 hours after investigating a car crash that has the following damages:

  • Death
  • Personal injury
  • Excess of $2,000 in property damage

Officers must also file a report when they issue a citation at the scene to one or more parties involved in the accident. This report contains basic information about the accident, as well as information about any witnesses, a narrative of the facts and a diagram of the scene. This report becomes a vital part of a Phoenix personal injury claim.

Secure Compensation After Construction Zone Accidents

Injuries and damages are common after construction zone accidents. By determining liability for the event, you could secure compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. These claims are time sensitive with many expiring in as little as 180 days. Contact Sargon Law Group to find out how the law applies to your situation.