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The cost of medical care after an injury in Arizona can be staggering. For example, car accident injuries cost an average of $148,000 in Maricopa County. In addition, accidents can result in lost wages, long-term disabilities, ongoing pain, and other damages. To get the compensation you deserve, litigation may be necessary. What does litigation mean in a personal injury case?

What Does Litigation Mean in a Personal Injury Case in Arizona?

Put simply, litigation involves taking a personal injury case to court. This process is different from filling out a claim with the other person’s insurance company. It means going to civil court with a lawsuit.

In Arizona, you can file a personal injury claim for a variety of reasons:

  • Vehicle accident injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Attacks
  • Dog bites
  • Product negligence

In Maricopa County, the cost of personal injuries related to automobile crashes alone was over $5.2 billion in 2021. There were over 2,000 car accidents just in Tempe, AZ, that caused injuries to drivers and passengers.

When Is Litigation Necessary?

Sometimes it’s possible to resolve a personal injury case without needing to file a lawsuit, such as when an at-fault driver’s insurance company covers the full compensation you need. Unfortunately, things often don’t play out this way, so litigation becomes necessary.

An Insurance Company Refuses To Give You a Fair Settlement

Many insurers in Arizona make it difficult for accident victims to receive fair compensation. They frequently make ridiculously low offers, hoping you will give up instead of fighting for your rights.

Your Injuries Are Significant

Injuries that involve long-term or lifelong medical treatment often require filing a claim. You need legal help to ensure you receive proper care and compensation.

The At-Fault Party Doesn’t Have Adequate Insurance Coverage

If the other person only has the bare minimum insurance coverage, the policy may not provide enough compensation for your needs. This situation is common in car accidents and construction injuries.

You Want To Pursue Punitive Damages

Punitive damages punish someone for outrageous behavior, such as doctors who operate while intoxicated or drunk drivers responsible for a loved one’s death. This type of claim requires litigation.

What Does Litigation Involve in Personal Injury Cases?

The length of the litigation process can vary from a few months to several years. In Arizona, the litigation process involves several steps:

  1. Gathering evidence of your injuries
  2. Filing a lawsuit with the court
  3. Notifying the other party of the case
  4. Following the discovery process to obtain additional evidence from the other party
  5. Discussing settlement options
  6. Proving your claims in court by presenting evidence and calling witnesses

Many court cases in Maricopa County end in settlements before going to trial. The insurance company sees that you’re serious about litigation when you have an expert attorney.

What Does Litigation Mean in a Personal Injury Case for Your Well-Being?

Think about what litigation means in a personal injury case for your family, your future and your happiness. You need appropriate compensation to recover fully from your injuries and overcome the economic, emotional and physical effects of the accident. Always choose a personal injury lawyer who has litigation experience. Contact our expert team at Sargon Law Group to see all the options in your case.