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It’s a daily sight for many people: an Amazon truck headed down the street, carrying plenty of online orders. For many shoppers, Amazon has become an easy choice thanks to its wide variety of items, easy ordering and quick delivery. With dozens of Amazon fulfillment centers in Arizona and so many drivers making hundreds of deliveries each day, the chances that you will experience an Amazon delivery truck accident are real. Here’s what to do if that ever happens.

Report an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident to the Authorities

What should I do if an Amazon truck hit my car?

The first thing to do after a crash with an Amazon truck is to call the police. This is good advice for any type of car wreck. Make sure to get a crash report from the responding officer since it will help as you and your lawyer work through the case later. The officer serves as an independent party to document damage and get each driver’s version of events on the record.

Get Contact Information for the Amazon Driver

Next, get the other driver’s information. You need their name and license number like you would after any accident. When dealing with an Amazon driver, make sure to get some additional details, including the truck number and license plate, the insurance company that covers the Amazon truck and some details about the driver’s employment status.

You need to determine if the driver was on duty at the time of the crash or if he or she had finished for the day and was just moving the truck. This can help determine if Amazon has any liability for an Amazon delivery truck accident or if just the driver is responsible. You also need to figure out if the driver is an Amazon employee or a contractor. Independent contractors are not legally Amazon employees, so the company isn’t the one on the hook.

Most contracted drivers are hired through Amazon Logistics and work under an Amazon Delivery Service Partner. To be a part of this division, drivers do have to maintain special liability insurance that covers up to $1,000,000 in injuries and damages. It’s likely that this coverage is what will apply if you are in a wreck with an on-duty driver. If the driver wasn’t working, you will need to deal with their personal insurance company or sue the driver directly for compensation.

Call an Attorney

You should call an attorney if an Amazon truck hit your car.

After filing a police report and collecting driver details (including contact information), you should call an experienced personal injury lawyer at the Sargon Law Group. Some people think they don’t need to get an attorney after a crash if it wasn’t their fault, but that’s not true. The Amazon driver’s insurance company has plenty of lawyers ready to pay you the least amount of money, so you need an attorney who is ready to fight for you.

Get Help After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

It can feel intimidating to navigate a crash involving a corporation but there is help available to make the process easier. For assistance getting the compensation you need to recover after an Amazon delivery truck accident, reach out to Sargon Law Group.