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A car accident is a scary moment for everyone involved. Your first priority will be to assess your physical well-being and figure out if you or anyone else is hurt and needs medical care. As you continue to deal with the situation, you’ll move on to looking at the damage to your vehicle and other property and exchanging information with any other drivers involved and law enforcement.

However, car accident victims may still have a long road ahead of them. There will be legal concerns, recovering from injuries, getting vehicles repaired or replaced, and more. Thankfully, there are organizations that can support you through the process for free.

Why Car Accident Victims Need Support

Even when you walk away from a car accident, there is a good chance you will have a lot to deal with in the aftermath. Acknowledging all the issues that could come up will help you prepare and find the right help for your needs.

Physical Injuries

One of the most pressing needs for car accident victims is medical care. Depending on the severity of the accident, victims may require emergency medical attention, hospitalization and ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. In some instances, a person may never fully recover or be able to do the things they enjoyed before the crash.

Medical bills can quickly pile up, leading to financial strain for the victim and their family. In some cases, insurance may cover these costs, but in other cases, victims may need to seek legal action to recover damages from the responsible party.

The physical needs could last for years or even the rest of your lifetime. Depending on the extent of their injuries, victims may be unable to drive, cook, clean or perform other basic activities. Day-to-day assistance will be needed. Friends, family members, and home health aides may provide this type of support, allowing the victim to focus on their recovery and rehabilitation.

Emotional Trauma

Another important form of support for car accident victims is emotional and psychological support. Car accidents are traumatic events, and victims may experience a range of emotions, including fear, anger, anxiety and depression. Mental health issues can be life-threatening and deserve just as much treatment as physical ailments.

These feelings may be made worse if you are also recovering from physical pain and dealing with the stress of navigating the legal and financial fallout of the accident. Emotional and psychological support may include therapy, counseling and support groups to help victims cope with their trauma.

When you notice these feelings in yourself or someone else who experienced a car crash, don’t hesitate to find help. The sooner you reach out, the easier it is to cope with those tough feelings. There’s no shame in getting emotional support.

Financial Strain

Financial support is also critical for car accident victims, especially if they are unable to work due to their injuries. Lost wages can quickly add up, making it difficult for victims to cover their living expenses and medical bills.

Even when you are not at fault, you could lose your car to a crash and get an insurance payout that is not enough to purchase a new vehicle. That can be a huge financial strain  This is one reason it’s a good idea to have a lawyer to help negotiate with insurance companies.

Charities for Car Accident Victims

Getting your life back in order after a car accident involves a lot of moving pieces, but there is help available. Many groups and charities offer resources that can make your journey easier. Becoming familiar with the different nonprofits will help you cover your basis and ensure that you can focus on your physical recovery and any legal needs that may arise.


One well-known charity that can offer help is Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The nonprofit works to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving in Arizona and around the nation in the hopes of reducing the number of impaired drivers on the road and preventing drunk driving crashes.

While much of their work involves legislative advocacy and educational programs, they also have services to support car accident victims, especially victims of drunk driving incidents. Those services can include counseling, legal resources and crisis support.

There is also help for expenses related to the accident. MADD will give assistance in paying for medical bills and lost wages. This can ease the burden you have to carry.

Truck Safety Coalition

A nonprofit that works to make trucking safer in the United States, the Truck Safety Coalition can provide resources for people involved in accidents with trucks and tractor-trailers. These large vehicles are a critical part of the nation’s supply chain but they represent a real danger on the interstate. A truck crash can be devastating for everyone involved.

They offer advice on the recommended steps for car accident victims to take after a truck crash. This includes the best way to preserve evidence and how to communicate with trucking corporations in ways that protect your interests.

Helping Hart Inc

Helping Hart Inc is a private charity that focuses on victims of hit-and-run crashes. These types of accidents can be especially difficult to deal with. In Arizona, there were more than 16,000 hit-and-run wrecks in 2021, according to AZDOT. This is a problem that happens often and could impact anyone.

If another driver hits you or your car and leaves, you can’t hold them or their insurance company responsible for helping you. There will also be a criminal investigation that could drag out for a while as police look for the suspect and prosecutors take the case through the criminal justice system.

Helping Hart uses donations to give direct support to victims, including financial assistance. They can also provide support and guidance when you find yourself dealing with a criminal case. The charity works on advocacy programs as well, working to reduce hit-and-run incidents in the first place.

United Way

Because car accidents can devastate your financial standing, you may need monetary help or even living assistance. The United Way can provide emergency aid to help you get back on your feet. The organization is connected to a wide network of community resources, including nonprofits and government agencies, that can provide assistance to car crash victims. They can help connect victims with the resources they need, such as legal assistance, medical care, and counseling.

The United Way often has funds for rental assistance or utility assistance. If you miss out on wages because a car crash has left you unable to work, this help could be critical. The group also has volunteers that can provide individual services such as driving victims to medical appointments or providing emotional support.

Free Programs for Car Accident Victims

Charities are great resources, but there are also plenty of government-run programs and systems that you should make the most of. Explore any of these systems that may apply to your case to find all the resources you may be entitled to.

Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Victim Services Division

While some crashes are just accidents, others may rise to the level of a criminal act. Imagine if someone is driving recklessly or under the influence of drugs and crashes into you. Law enforcement will get involved and you may be able to find resources available to victims of crimes as well as car accident victims.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is a good place to start. They have a victim services division that looks into ways to work with people whose lives have been interrupted by criminal acts. The team at the county attorney’s office can be your support as you deal with court hearings and trials for the person who was charged in the crash.

Sometimes there is compensation available for crime victims and their families. This is funded by state and federal money so that victims can deal with medical expenses, wage losses and mental health support. You need to apply for this help and it isn’t always guaranteed, but it is worth looking into.

Even if you don’t qualify for direct financial payments, the county attorney can also guide you through restitution. That is the money that a defendant is required to pay as part of their sentence for the crash. This reimbursement is meant to help you, but it can be difficult to collect when the person who is supposed to pay has lost their income or is headed to prison.

The prosecutor’s office can inform you about the progress of the criminal case as well, including updates on a defendant’s bond status or plea deals. These are emotional topics that you will want to be well informed about.

Industrial Commission of Arizona

People who drive for their jobs run the risk of becoming car accident victims while working, which opens a new set of legal and logistical issues. Depending on what led to the crash and who is at fault, the Industrial Commission may have resources for you. This agency deals with the welfare of Arizona’s workforce and may get involved in on-the-job accidents.

If your employer is responsible for helping you but doesn’t, the commission could help. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation or short-term or long-term disability payments. Filing claims with the agency could be needed if your company tries to get out of the financial responsibility of helping you.

Financial Assistance and Bill Payment Help

Car accident victims can also take advantage of general financial assistance programs that aren’t specific to automotive wrecks. The Maricopa County Community Services Department can help with bill payments for people who have suddenly lost their jobs, including people who were in car accidents. The Arizona Department of Economic Security also provides a safety net to people who unexpectedly fall on hard times.

As you recover from a car accident, be sure to tap into all of the programs available. Having the right help will make it much easier to rebuild your life and get back to normal.

Legal Action After a Crash

While the support of charities and programs will help you in many ways, it is often still necessary to take legal action to get all that you are entitled to after a crash. The Sargon Law Group has experts in car accident litigation to make sure you are taken care of.

A lawyer can help negotiate with the insurance companies to ensure that an accident victim receives the full amount of compensation they are entitled to under their policy. You may also need to sue to get the money you are owed for your losses. In either case, you’ll definitely want an attorney on your side, since insurance companies and corporations have full legal teams ready to fight the case.

Your lawyer will also arrange expert witnesses and analysts to testify on your behalf. When fault in a car accident is contested, it’s good to add more qualified voices to explain the factors that led to the crash. You will also need to present evidence such as police reports, witness statements, medical records, and other documentation. A lawyer can help collect and organize this evidence to build a strong case.

The team at Sargon Law Group could help you avoid going to court altogether. A pre-trial settlement will save you time and money and help you move on with your life. We make sure that you get a fair result without more hassle than is needed.

Finding the Right Support for Car Accident Victims

With so many moving parts and consequences, car accidents are major life events that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Thankfully, you don’t have to tackle these moments on your own. There are community groups, national nonprofits and law enforcement agencies that have resources for you.

By embracing those options and working with an experienced personal injury lawyer, car accident victims can protect their legal rights and pursue the compensation they need to recover from their injuries and move forward with their lives. To get the help you need and are entitled to, contact Sargon Law Group today.