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Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, but it can also be dangerous. Information available from the Arizona Department of Transportation shows that there were nearly 2,600 total motorcycle collisions across the state during the most recent reporting year on file. Arizona motorcyclists can take the steps necessary to remain safe on the roadways, and the Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers at our law firm want to offer some of the most important tips that can help maintain riding safety.

Choose the Proper Riding Gear

The best way to ensure individuals remain safe on a motorcycle in the event a collision occurs is to use safety gear. This safety gear begins with a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet that can help protect against face, head, and brain injuries. Additionally, riding glasses or goggles can protect a person’s eyes and facial area.

Common injuries seen by Phoenix personal injury attorneys handling motorcycle accident cases can often be prevented by wearing proper riding gear including longer pants, reinforced jackets, and proper riding boots.

Inspect the Vehicle Before Each Trip

Motorcycles should be thoroughly inspected on a regular basis, but a motorcyclist should also look over the motorcycle before every single trip they take. Riders must be cognizant of how their bike performs so that they can tell if something is wrong. Inspecting the vehicle includes maintaining proper tire pressure, ensuring the lights and brakes are functioning properly, cleaning the mirrors, and looking for any leaks or potential mechanical hazards.

Know Your Route

In general, it is best to know which route you will be taking when you get on your motorcycle. Riding through a new area is tough enough, so planning the route so that there will be minimal distractions is optimal.

Defensive Driving is Key

Defensive driving is important no matter what type of vehicle you are in, but it’s perhaps more important for motorcyclists. Defensive driving involves anticipating the actions of others on the roadway, including any possible negligent driver actions that could affect motorcyclist safety. Defensive driving involves monitoring other vehicles and driver behavior and remaining cognizant of all surroundings.

Minimize Distractions

Our experienced team of Phoenix car accident lawyers know that distracted driving is a major problem on Arizona roadways, and not just for regular vehicle drivers. Motorcyclists can become distracted as well, and these distractions can include GPS devices, cell phones, a radio, and anything else that takes a person’s mind off of riding, hands off the handlebar, or eyes off the roadway.

Passenger Safety Matters

The safety of passengers on a motorcycle is important. It is crucial for a motorcycle driver to ensure that their passengers know how to properly sit on the bike so it will not cause any distress to the driver. Motorcycle passengers should also be wearing appropriate safety gear, including a DOT-approved helmet.

Watch the Weather

Motorcyclists are affected more by the weather than others on the roadway, so it is important to know when the weather may not be ideal for riding. This can include not only precipitation that can affect visibility and grip on the roadway but also situations where there is low visibility due to fog or smoke, or when there are strong winds that could push a motorcyclist over.

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

We encourage all Arizona motorcyclists to take a motorcycle safety course. You can find local safety courses through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website, and you may even be able to secure a discount from your insurance carrier for completing an approved safety course.