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It may surprise you to know that there are laws surrounding dog bite cases. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an animal attack, getting in touch with the nearest Arizona dog bite attorney is in your best interests. Learn when you need an attorney after a dog bite and why you should get an attorney as soon as possible when in this situation.

When Does a Dog Bite Indicate the Need for Legal Services?

If a puppy playfully jumps on your legs or nips your ankles as you walk down the street, you may know that this is how younger, untrained dogs show affection and try to get others to play with them. This is a very different scenario than a growling, menacing dog that intentionally attacks and tries to bite with the intention of injuring you.

If your situation falls into the latter category, you may have been wounded or even disfigured as a result of the attack. Legal compensation may be needed to pay for medical treatment. You should contact a Phoenix dog bite attorney if the owner of the dog refuses to take responsibility for the animal’s attack.

Why Should You Contact a Phoenix Dog Bite Attorney?

There are several good reasons to reach out to a Phoenix dog bite attorney, including the need for compensation for medical treatment. Our attorneys can assist you in the following ways.

1. Creating Your Case

It can be difficult to make a case for a dog bite — especially if there were few witnesses. Getting an experienced attorney on your side can be the difference between an airtight case that results in compensation and a wound that is stitched up in the emergency room and paid for out of your own pocket.

2. Explaining How Dog Bite Law Works

If you were disfigured as a result of a run-in with a canine, your case is more clear-cut than a case in which the neighbor’s dog just bit your leg and ran away (regardless of how painful the bite was). Your dog bite attorney should be able to quickly size up the situation by checking relevant factors such as whether the owner had the dog on a leash, whether there were signs at the residence indicating that the dog may bite, and whether the dog had a history of biting people.

3. Negotiating and Settling To Avoid Court

It’s not usually necessary to take your dog bite case to court: Cases like these can often be mediated by a Phoenix dog bite attorney. An experienced attorney can negotiate with the owner and his or her attorney and come to a financial settlement that both parties can agree upon.

Call a Phoenix Dog Bite Attorney at Sargon Law Group Today

Many victims of dog attacks don’t think their case is relevant enough to call a Phoenix personal injury attorney or even try to ask the owner for compensation. This is simply not true in most scenarios. Contact Sargon Law Group to get in touch with a Phoenix dog bite attorney and begin building your case today.